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All prime numbers have irrational number square roots, so if you try to find the square root of a non-perfect square number use them to simplify it. For example,

±√125 = ±√25*5 = ±5√5 (when you want to show both the square roots)

√72 = √36*2 = 6√2

√-27 = √-9*3 = 3i√3

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Q: Are irrational numbers used to find square roots?
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What mathematicians came up with square roots and why?

Because the ancients were trying to find the measure of the diagonal of a square with sides of length one unit. The diagonal would not come out as any rational number and so irrational numbers - including square roots - had to be invented.

Can the rational zero test be used to find irrational roots as well as rational roots?

Rational zero test cannot be used to find irrational roots as well as rational roots.

What type of problems have imaginary numbers?

Imaginary numbers are only ever used when you are using the square roots of negative numbers. The square root of -1 is i. You may find imaginary numbers when you are finding roots of equations.

Why is the calculator is important?

Without it you wouldn't be able to find the square roots of prime numbers.

Are square roots always whole numbers?

NO try and find the square root of 3. don't hurt yourself.

What is the cube root of 6 in fraction?

Most square roots, cube roots, etc. - including this one - are irrational numbers. That means you can't write them exactly as a fraction. Of course, you can calculate the cubic root with a calculator or with Excel, then find a fraction that is fairly close to it.

Can you find irrational numbers between 7 and 8?

72 = 49 and 82 = 64. So, the square root of any integer between these two numbers, for example, sqrt(56), is irrational.

How do you find three irrational numbers between 4 5?

Any number that can't be expessed as a fraction is an irrational number as for example the square root of 4.5

When comparing fractions and square roots it is best to use your calculuator to find the decimal number?

Fne if they are sufficiently far apart. Otherwise, you may be better off squaring all the numbers. The smaller numbers will still have the smaller squares and at least you won't have irrational numbers to deal with.

How do you find an irrational square root?

An irrational number is a number that never ends. An example of an irrational square root would be the square root of 11.

When were irrational numbers founded?

Probably when people tried to find the length of the diagonal of a unit square [sqrt(2)].

Method to find an irrational number between two irrational numbers?

It is proven that between two irrational numbers there's an irrational number. There's no method, you just know you can find the number.

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