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No. Negative numbers form a set of numbers. Numbers written as decimals is a notation for writing numbers. Different things.

Negative numbers can be written as decimals, fractions, complex numbers, etc.

Numbers written as decimals can be either negative numbers, zero, or positive numbers. They can also be integer numbers or real numbers.

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Q: Are negatives and decimals the same?
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What can be positive or negative have no fractions or decimals?

There are no such numbers, because every number has a decimal representation. But you can have photo negatives and photo positives which will have no fractions or decimals.

What is a number called that can be represented without decimals or fraction including negatives?

Whole numbers

How do you multiply negative decimals?

Since there are two negatives, the answer has to be positive. So, just mulitpl as usual.

Is equivalent decimals are decimals that have the same value true?

The decimals with the same number of decimal places are called like decimals. Equivalent decimals are decimal numbers that have the same value. For example, 3.42, 6.05 are like decimals as they have two decimal places. For example, 0.3 and 0.30 are equivalent decimals as they present the same value.

Are repeating decimals and terminating decimals the same?


An integer less than zero?

-1. An integer is any number that can be represented without decimals or fractions - including negatives.

Are negatives and decimls the same?


Do equivalent decimals decimals that have the same value?


Do equivalent decimals are decimals that have the same value?


Decimals that name the same number?

Are equivalent decimals.

How do you order negative decimals?

by ordering it like a number line. negatives goes first then positive. but the placing of the numbers are also included

What is special about real numbers?

what is special about real numbers is it sets data in and orderly fashion from positives, negatives, and decimals in correct order