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yes. polygons are closed shapes with no curves. i.e. circles are not polygons, squares are, triangles are, ect

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Q: Are polygons the same things as shapes?
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Polygons with the same shapes and sizes?

... are said to be congruent.

What are irregular and regular polygons?

Regular polygons are when all the sides are same length and all the angles are the same size. Irregular polygons are shapes where the sides are not all the same and the angles are different.

Name all the shapes that have all the sides the same?

Regular polygons.

What is the name for shapes with sides the same lengths and same sized angles?

regular polygons

Are all shapes polygons?

Not all shapes are polygons. Polygons are shapes that have to have straight sides and be closed figures. So a shape that is curved would not be a polygon.

Can two dimensional shapes be classified as polygons?

Polygons are a special type of 2-dimensional shapes.

What typ of shapes are polygons?

Polygons are shapes that have 3 or more sides

What shapes have area?

Polygons and 2 dimensional shapes

Why are quadulaterals polygons?

quadrilateral polygons are shapes that have 4 sides

What should a shape have in order to be a polygon?

Polygons are shapes with three sides or more. Circular shapes are NOT polygons.

What shapes are ploygons?

Polygons are shapes with 3 or more sides

Are two congruent polygons always similar?

Yes, because congruent is mainly saying same shapes if they said congruent shapes.

What are the names of sided shapes?


What shapes are not polygons?

circles, ellipses

Are polygons closed shapes?


What are the figures are polygons?

Polygons are closed plane shapes bounded by straight lines.

What mathematical word is used for shapes that are flat?

Polygons are flat shapes

How does knowing the area of a simple polygons help you determine the area of any shapes?

Most shapes can be divided into a combination of simple polygons.

All shapes with straight sides?


What are all sided shapes called?


What are 3 dimensional shapes called?

Polygons !

What are some shapes that have 5 sides?


What are triangle out shapes?

They are 3 sided polygons

Are 3 dimensional shapes considered polygons?


What is a true statement about polygons?

Polygons are two dimensional shapes that have three or more sides.