Are all shapes polygons

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not all shapes are polygons. Polygons are shapes that have to have straight sides and be closed figures. So a shape that is curved would not be a polygon.

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Q: Are all shapes polygons
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Which statement is good generalization about all polygons?

Polygons are flat shapes with many sides

All shapes with straight sides?


What are all sided shapes called?


What shapes have equall all sides?

Regular polygons

What are the names of all the three dimensional shapes?


Name all the shapes that have all the sides the same?

Regular polygons.

Are all polygons quadrillaterals?

No because polygons come in all different shapes and sizes but a quadrilateral is a 4 sided polygon.

What is the name of all the shapes beginig with p?

polygons perhaps

Are pyramid and prism the only polygons?

All shapes are polygons * * * * * Wrong! Neither is a polygons. Polygons are two-dimensional shapes enclosed by straight lines. Even a common shape, such as a circle is NOT a polygon. Pyramids and prisms are two of an infinite variety of polyhedra.

What polygons are irregular and regular?

Regular polygons are when all the sides are same length and all the angles are the same size. Irregular polygons are shapes where the sides are not all the same and the angles are different.

Are polygons the same things as shapes?

yes. polygons are closed shapes with no curves. i.e. circles are not polygons, squares are, triangles are, ect

Can two dimensional shapes be classified as polygons?

Polygons are a special type of 2-dimensional shapes.