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The answer depends on what the formula is meant to be for!

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Q: Are tetrahedron have blanket formula
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What is the correct chemical formula for a silica tetrahedron?

The correct chemical formula for a silica tetrahedron is SiO4.

What correct chemical formula silica tetrahedron?


What is the formula of the tetrahedron?

There can be no formula for a tetrahedron since you have not specified what aspect the formula is supposed to calculate. Furthermore, although they are all triangular pyramids, tetrahedra can be tall, needle-like shapes or almost flat shapes.

The chemical formula of the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron is?


What is the chemical formula P4?

P4 is the chemical formula of white phosphorus. It is a tetrahedron of phosphorus atoms.

Mathematical formula for volume of truncated tetrahedron?

Trying to figure this out too...

What is the surface area formula for a tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron is a solid figure with four triangular faces. As these may or may not be regular (all the same), the formula is to add the area of all four together. The formula for the area of a triangle is 1/2(base x height).

Definition of nonsilicate mineral?

It is a mineral whose chemical formula does not contain the silica tetrahedron.

What you a tetrahedron?

I am not a tetrahedron!

A silica tetrahedron is composed of four atoms of what element and one atom of?

A silica tetrahedron is composed of four atoms of oxygen bound to a central atom of silicon, with the formula of SiO4.

Four oxygen atoms joined to one silicon atom in a tetrahedron?

Sounds like quartz, though 2 of those oxygens are shared in the tetrahedron. SiO2 is IUPAC formula for quartz.

How sides does a tetrahedron has?

A tetrahedron has 4 faces.

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