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Yes, if you count four congruencies as six pairs.

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Q: Are the diagonals of a square form 6 pairs of congruent triangle?
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Can the diagonals of a square from 6 pairs of congruent triangles?


What is a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel lines?

It can be :- 1- a parallelogram 2- Square if diagonals are perpendicular and congruent 3- Rectangle if diagonals are congruent 4- Rhombus if diagonals are perpendicular

Why can a square be called a rectangle?

because it has two pairs of congruent sides, the diagonals are equal in length, and the diagonals bisect each other.

The diagonals of a square from 6 pairs of congruent triangles true or false?

False. There are 6 pairs of smaller congruent triangles and two pair of larger ones.

Why square is a rectangle?

The definition of a rectangle: A figure that has 4 right angles, has congruent diagonals that bisect, has 2 pairs of parallel sides, and has 2 pairs of opposite congruent angles. A square has all of the above, and thus, is a rectangle by definition.

A non-square quadrilateral with 4 right angles and 2 pairs of congruent sides?


The diagonals are congruent but the quadrilateral has no right angles is it a parallelogram?

It can also be a kite. That has two congruent pairs of sides but unlike a parallelogram they are adjacent, not opposite. A parallelogram with congruent diagonals is a rectangle.

How many pairs of congruent triangles are formed diagonals of a rectangle?


How many pairs of congruent triangles are formed by the diagonals of a rectangle?


Do the diagonals of a rhombus make two pairs of congruent triangles?


Number of pairs of congruent triangles in a square?

4 congruent pairs

What are the pairs of congruent sides for a square?

All sides of a square are congruent.