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Q: Are the top angles in a parallelogram equal to 180 degrees?
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Are all angles of a parallelogram equal to 90 degrees?

No, only in a square (regular parallelogram).The opposite angles are EQUAL in a parallelogram, and the adjacent angles are SUPPLEMENTARY(they equal 180 degrees).So if any angle in a parallelogram is a right angle, they all are. Otherwise, there are no right angles.The angles of a parallelogram will average 90 degrees, as there are 360 degrees in any quadrilateral, (360/4 - 90) and 180 degrees in two adjacent non-equal angles (180/2 = 90).

Does a parallelogram equal 180 degrees?

No because the 4 interior angles of a parallelogram add up to 360 degrees

What angles does a parallelogram have?

It has 2 opposite equal acute angles and 2 opposite equal obtuse angles and the 4 angles add up to 360 degrees.

What is a parallelogram with one interior angle equal to 90?

It is a square, a regular parallelogram with all right angles. The reason is that in a parallelogram, the adjacent angles are supplementary (equal 180 degrees).In any case, the opposite angle would be 90 degrees as well, leaving just 180 degrees for the other two identical opposite angles.

Why does a parallelogram equal to 180?

A parallelogram does not equal 180. A parallelogram is a plane figure bounded by two pairs of parallel lines. What does equal 180 is the sum of the measures of any pair of adjacent angles. The two adjacent angles have a side in common. If that line is considered as the intercept of the pair of parallel lines, it is easy to show that the angles should add to 180 degrees.

Consecutive angles in a parallelogram are what?

180 degrees

What are the names of the angles in the parallelogram?

180 degrees i believe

The sum of the angles of a parallelogram is 180 true or false?

False, the sum of the angles in a parallelogram is 360 degrees.

Can a parallelogram be less than 360 degrees?

a parallelogram is a 4 sided polygona triangle is 3 sided and its angles equal 180 degrees no matter whatfor every side added, 180 degrees is added also.therefore, a parallelogram can only be 360 degrees and no lessthe answer is no

What angles does a parallogram have?

A parallelogram is a four-sided figure with opposite sides of equal length and angles not equal to 90 degrees (otherwise it would be a rectangle). Diagonally opposite angles will be equal, and adjacent angles will add up to 180 degrees.

In a parallelogram consecutive angles are always?

In a parallelogram consecutive angles are always supplementary. This means they equal 180.

Do the opposite angles of a parallelogram add up to 180 degrees?


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