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No, only in a square (regular parallelogram).

The opposite angles are EQUAL in a parallelogram, and the adjacent angles are SUPPLEMENTARY

(they equal 180 degrees).

So if any angle in a parallelogram is a right angle, they all are. Otherwise, there are no right angles.

The angles of a parallelogram will average 90 degrees, as there are 360 degrees in any quadrilateral, (360/4 - 90) and 180 degrees in two adjacent non-equal angles (180/2 = 90).

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Q: Are all angles of a parallelogram equal to 90 degrees?
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What do all the angles in a parallelogram equal?

360 degrees

What do the angles in a parallelogram equal?

If you add the values of all four angles in a parallelogram together, the total will be 360 degrees.

Is a rhombus a a parallelogram with all equal angles?

A RHOMBUS has four equal sides. However, it opposite angles are equal ,but its adjacent angles are NOT equal , but sum to 180 degrees.

Why does a parallelogram equal 360 degrees?

The interior angles of all quadrilaterals sum to 360 degrees. Since a parallelogram is a quadrilateral, its interior angles must sum to 360 degrees.

What types of angles does a parallelogram have?

A parallelogram has 2 equal opposite acute angles and 2 equal opposite obtuse angles whereas all 4 angles add up to 360 degrees.

Is square a parallelogram with all sides equal?

Not unless all angles are also equal. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all sides equal. A rectangle is a parallelogram with all angles equal. A square is a rhombus with all angles equal which is a parallelogram with all sides equal and all angles equal.

Does a parallelogram have all sides the same?

No. A parallelogram has opposite sides parallel.A square is a parallelogram with all sides being equal and all internal angles being 90 degrees.A rectangle is a parallelogram with all internal angles being 90 degrees. and opposite side being equal in length.A rhombus is a parallelogram with all sides equal, but internal angles are not necessarily 90 degrees.

Why can't a rectangle be a parallelogram?

A rectangle cannot be a parallelogram because a parallelogram has opposite sides that are parallel and equal in length, while a rectangle has all angles equal to 90 degrees. Thus, a rectangle is a specific type of parallelogram that has the additional property of having all angles equal to 90 degrees.

The angel between two altitude of a parallelogram through a vertex of an obtuse angle of the parallelogram is 60 find all the angles of the parallelogram?

A parallelogram has 2 opposite equal acute angles and 2 opposite equal obtuse angles that add up to 360 degrees and so the angles are 60, 60 120 and 120 degrees.

How many degrees is a parallelogram?

All 4 sided shapes each equal to 360 degrees in angles

Are all the angles of a parallelogram can be equal in size?

They can, but usually they are not. All the angles will be equal only if your parallelogram is a rectangle.

Is a parallelogram ever a square?

A parallelogram is a square when all 4 angles of the parallelogram are equal to 90 degrees and all 4 sides are congruent to each other