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Q: Are there any hoels similar to sybaris?
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Was sybaris Artemis' enemy?


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there are many 5 stars hotels in china. eg. here is the website for Beijing hotels / guangzhou hoels/ shenzhen hoels

Who is Sybaris in Greek mythology?

Not quite who but rather what - Sybaris was an ancient Greek city-colony in present day Italy, existing between 8th and 5th centuries BC, famous for its prosperity and dwellers - indulging in all sorts of hedonistic pleasures - mainly gluttony. Hence "sybarite" - a person who leads a lavish or hedonistic life.

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I like big bear, the sybaris, and the beach. Some places are more exspesive than others, it just depends on where your more exact location is. The internet and asking around will be your best friend for this.

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It's possible but usually not. But any two regularones are definitely always similar.

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Yahoo Answers is similar but not as organized.

What did Romans have that would be familiar to ancient Greece?

They copied Greek architecture, theatre, art. They of course didn't have far to go - there were plenty of Greek cities in Italy and Sicily - Naples, Sybaris, Croton, Tarentum, Syracuse ...

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What are the procedures of the World Court? Are they similar to any U.S. court

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