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A square of any size would be similar.

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Q: Which figure would be similar to a 4-inch square?
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Which of the transformations will produce a similar but not congruent figure?

A dilation would produce a similar figure.

What figure would be simila to a 4-inch square?

2 inch square

What is the square units in a interior of a 2d figure or the surface of a 3d figure?

A 2D interior will be length times width (a flat shape) as in the area of a floor.A 3D figure would be length times width times depth (a raised shape) as in a box.The units used would depend. A floor would be in feet and inches or metres and centimetres.A 3D figure would be in a similar measurement, but given in cubic units.

What does a square and a triangle combine makes what figure?

That would be a pentagon...

The number of square units that covers a figure?

This would be the area.

Why are two figures similar if their angles are the same?

because if you shrink or grow a similar figure, it would be congruent.

What 3 dimensional figure has a square base?

A square based pyramid would comply with the given dimensions.

Which figures would be similar to a 4 inch square?

Every square is. There are an infinite number of them.

What is a figure with six congruent sides and all square faces?

A square dice would fit the given description.

Would a four inch rectangle be similar to a 4 inch square?

Yes they can definitly be similar.

Which figure is not always equiangular a rectangle rhombus or a square?

A rhombus is NEVER equiangular. If it were equiangular it would no longer be a rhombus but a square.

How do you figure square footage of a parking lot that is 10 by 30 by 40?

For a parking lot to have 3 measurements, it must be an unusual shape. We would need more information to figure the square footage.