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when I was finishing concrete, we would use a combination of epoxy glue and decrotive pea gravel. mix the 2 and place on the cement, trowel down smooth and let dry. use marine epoxy or any that is water proof. when dry you can wash it with a hose to get rid of the dirt

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Q: Are there any products to resurface pool decking?
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Transform Your Pool With Pool Decking?

The vision of a pool with shimmering, clean water can be a welcome sight when temperatures are soaring. Not only can a pool offer refreshing relief from the hot summer sun, it can also be transformed into a complete entertainment area. This can be done easily with the addition of pool decking. Pool decking added to an existing pool area can create a whole new atmosphere. This addition can include an area for sitting or sunbathing alongside the water, a cooking area or any other entertainment feature. The possibilities are endless.

Is pool decking necessary in an indoor pool?

Yes, any pool should have some sort of area when people can safely walk considering their feet will be wet. So this features should be thought when building any pool.

Hayward Pool Products?

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Leslie's Pool Supplies ?

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What is the best pool decking for cool feet around an in ground pool?

Any material that is very light or white in coloring. I once stayed at a place where the pool terrace was paved in black basalt. OW! OW! OW!

Where can I buy easily installed environmentally friendly decking materials?

You can buy environmentally friendly composite decking that is also easy to install at They advertise a simple, no hassle way to easily install decking of any size.

What is the better decking around your pool?

Cement with a rough textured finish or paver's. Paver's are probably a slightly better choice because if anything goes wrong with the plumbing you don't have to do any concrete cutting.

Using Vinyl Patio Decking ?

You should use vinyl patio decking instead of traditional wood decking because you do not have to spend any time or money coloring it. You do not have to paint it. You do not have to use wood stain. The decking will already be the color that you want it to be when it is installed, and so no upkeep in this regard will be required. The color will be infused into the material.

What is the concept of plastic decking used for?

The concept of plastic decking is used for many reasons. The material the decking is made from is materials that do not shrink or swell like wood. It also resists insects and does not need any type of water repellant or stains.

Where could one buy Trex decking?

Trex branded decking can be purchased from any major home improvement retailer. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's sell all kinds of decking materials, including Trex.

What pool products does the pentair company offer?

Pentair offers everything you will need for the smallest of pools and hot tubs to larger pools. They are most noted for their pool pumps and filters, which are a necessity for any pool.

What is the availability of decking for a DIY project?

You can purchase decking with possible sites on any DIY site online. You can build a deck in your garden easily, by checking out the possible plans online.

If your pool is made of both fiberglass and cement or gunite and the sides are fiberglass but the bottom is either cement or gunite is this a fiberglass pool that was filled with cement?

No. An older (possibly better) type of Fiberglass pool was constructed in this manner, with a concrete/Gunnite/Marcite trowled bottom and Fiberglass panels at the side of the pool. Panels are caulked together along vertical joints. Actually not a bad deal, but caulked joints must be maintained. Once the concrete starts showing through at the bottom of the pool, its time to drain and resurface. Bottom of pool should be acid washed every 3-5 years to keep it sparkling and remove mold, mildew, stains. If bottom surface is chipping off, its getting close to time to resurface bottom of pool. Bottom is treated just like any concrete/gunite/Marcite pool surface. Sides are simply brushed, caulked in timely manner.

What are the different types of pool plasters?

Diamond brite sgm expo is the best I have ever used.. , never paint or epoxy or fiberglass a marcite pool. Exposed aggregates like this are cement based products meant for concrete pools.. You don't fix a fiberglass boat with cement so you shouldn't fix a concrete pool with fiberglass or other coatings that will break down in treated acidic pool water..Florida pools use a lot of chemicals because they run all year long and you must resurface with a product that can hold up well...Any questions (Tampa bay area only please) call Dennis the pool guy. In it for 30 years....727-858-8708

Is there any products to use to prolong the life of my pool liner?

There are a number of products you can use to prolong the life of your pool. You could install a wall foam between your pool wall and the liner to keep a smooth surface next to your liner to help prevent punctures. You could purchase a liner pad or pool padding for the bottom of your pool. And you can invest in vinyl liner repair kits to repair the small punctures and prolong the life of your liner.

Where can you buy Thiotrine chlorine neutralizer?

Thiotrine can be purchased at almost any pool store. Thiotrine is manufactured by Advantis Technologies and is labeled under their Applied Biochemists line of pool products. Any retailer can order this through their local distributor.

Why would your pool surface darken in certain areas?

Pool stains occur with any type of swimming pool but can easily be prevented with maintenance. The longer you wait the worse they get. Get on a good program of metal treatment, and water balance. Your professional pool dealer will have products. good swimming

If an above ground pool collapses and water leaks into your basement does homeowners insurance cover the water damage to the home?

I would say it all depends on your policy. I know that I just had an above ground pool collapse and the adjuster stated due to an "exclusion" in our policy that any damage created by water leaking and/or flooding from a pool is not covered. However, we asked about the pool itself being fixed as it could indeed be considered a structure as it is connected to our decking. The adjuster stated that they need a letter from a pool store that provides the reason why the pool imploded. Let's keep our fingers crossed for them to pay for the pool as it will be over $4,000 to replace!

Are there any websites that could help my to plan my garden decking for free?

There are many DIY forums out there with members who can help you replace your garden decking. Members share tips, tricks, and ideas, as well as pictures of finished projects.

Can you lay your new roof decking on your existing roof decking?

Yes as long as there is nothing wrong with the old decking like rot or something of the sort. Make sure when you fasten it to hit the rafter with your nails or screws. I always separate the two layers of wood with tar paper also any time i lay over other wood.

Which decking product would provide longest life and would require the least maintenance when building a deck?

Any type of composite decking, usually a mix of wood and recycled plastic. Virtually no maintenance at all and will last forever.

What happens if swimming pool water is completely removed does it do any damage to the pool pump or any pool equipment?

Then you can't swim

What sunscreen is safe for your above ground pool?

well any really i have a above ground pool and a under ground pool and a inside pool any thing works really

What are some of the features of the Barracuda pool cleaner?

Barracuda pool cleaners are the top of the line pool cleaning equipment for any pool that needs a clean. They are great because they can quickly clean a pool without any hassle.

You Just Want To Build A Simple Deck?

When you type in "deck design plans," your search results will include deck plans for in-ground pools. This is not a trick or an example of poor categorization on the part of the webmaster. In the world of landscape design phraseology, a "deck" refers to a raised platform-like structure that is attached to a house or a pool. The term "decking" refers to the stone or masonry that surrounds an in-ground pool. Since all deck design plans include a list of materials required to build the deck, that list often includes decking. It does not make any difference whether you plan to build a deck off your house or pool, your search will invariably return web pages that talk about in-ground pools.

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