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No because 1/000 is less than 1/100

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Q: Are thousandths greater than hundredths
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Related questions

Is twentyseven thousandths greater than fourteen hundredths?


Which is greater 64 hundredths or 6 thousandths?

64 hundredths is greater because after 0 it us tenths hundredths then thousandths.

What is greater seven hundredths or eleven thousandths?

7/100 is greater than 11/1000

Is 0.92 greater than 0.095?

noThis is incorrect..92 IS greater than .09592 hundredths is greater than 95 thousandths.

Is 969 thousands smaller than 96 hundredths?

I think your question should be "Is 969 THOUSANDTHS (and not thousands) smaller than 96 hundredths" 969 thousandths = 969/1000 96 hundredths = 960 thousandths = 960/1000 Hence 969 thousandths is not smaller but greater tha 96 hundredths

Which is greater twenty seven thousandths or fourteen hundredths?

14/100 is much greater than 27/1000

Is .005 larger than .05?

hundredths or thousandths which is greater?

Is 0.009 greater than 0.08?

no 9 thousandths is not greater than 80 thousandth of 1 just put one more 0 after the 8 to balance the two numbers . behind the decimal are tenths.0, hundredths.00, and thousandths .000 in that order

Fifty-four and five hundredths is how much greater than fifty and forty thousandths?

The difference between fifty-four and five hundredths (54.05) and fifty and forty thousandths (50.040) is four and one hundredth 54.05 - 50.040 = 4.01

How is 0.03 greater than 0.023?

A number that has three hundredths is greater than a number that has two hundredths, no matter what comes after it. Lining up the decimal places, that's really comparing 0.030 to 0.023. In that case, it's easy to see that 30 thousandths is greater than 23 thousandths.

What is greater 27 thousandths or 14 hundredths?

The second one.

Is hundredths greater than thousandths?

Yes, hundredths are larger. That is something cut into 100. A thousandth is something cut into 1,000. (ten times smaller)

Is eleven thousandths greater than seven hundredths?

No because 7/100 as a decimal is 0.07 but 11/1000 as a decimal is 0.011 which is less

Are thousandths larger than hundredths?


It is greater than 7 tens and less than 8 tens the number has 4 ones write the number word?

71. 111 (seventy-one and one hundred eleven thousandths) is a number greater than seventy and less than eighty. It has the digit 1 in the units place, tenths place, hundredths place, and thousandths place.

Which is greater 5 hundredths or 5 thousandths both in decimal?

5 hundredths is greater. Whether the numbers are written as decimals or fractions, or in some other base is totally irrelevant.

Is tenths greater than hundredths?

It depends on how many you have. One tenth is greater than one hundredth, but fifty hundredths is greater than two tenths.

What 5 numbers is less than one thousandths?

tenths, twenthies,hundredths, two hundredths, ones

What is the greater decimal math hundreds or thousand?

Hundredths is greater. .01235 In this example, 0 is in the tenths place, 2 is in the hundredths, and 3 is in the thousandths. Hundredths is greater because it is closer to one. Yes, I'm in advanced math!

Is 9.489 greater than 9.479?

Yes, 9.489 is greater than 9.479 because the 8 in the hundredths place of 9.489 is greater than the 7 in the hundredths place of 9.479 that is why 9.489 is greater than 9.479.

Is three tenths greater than three one hundredths?

Yes three tenths is greater than three hundredths

Is five thousandths greater than six thousandths?


Which is greater 75 hundredths or 10 hundredths?

75/100 is greater than 10/100

Is 9 hundredths or one tenth greater?

one tenth is greater than 9 hundredths

Which is greater 9 hundredths or 1 tenth?

1 tenth is greater than 9 hundredths.