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Yes, every whole number is an integer.

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Q: Are whole numbers integers always or sometimes?
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Are integers always sometimes or never whole numbers?


How often are whole numbers integers?

Always. By definition the Integers are the whole numbers; and the whole numbers are the integers.

Is the product of whole numbers always whole numbers?

Yes normally they produce whole numbers or integers

How are integers different from whole numbers?

Whole numbers are integers. Integers are whole numbers.

Are Whole numbers always integers?


Are whole numbers always a counting numbers?

No. 0 and negative integers are whole numbers but they are not counting numbers.

Are all rational numbers are integers?

No, not all rational numbers are integers. All integers are whole numbers, but a non-whole number can be rational if the numbers after the decimal point either 1. end or 2. repeat. So, sometimes rational numbers are integers, sometimes they're not. But all integers are rational numbers.

Are some whole numbers are not integers?

No. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

Are whole numbers sometimes integers?

Every whole number is automatically an integer.

Is -2.5 an integer?

No. Integers are always whole numbers

All whole numbers are integers?

all number can be negative or positive. :) The term "whole numbers" is ambiguous; sometimes it is used for integers, sometimes only for non-negative integers. It is better to use the more precise terms "integers", "positive integers", "non-negative integers", depending on what you want to say. it is also false if your looking for this answer caue it could be like 0.3,0.5 there not whole numbers

How are whole numbers rational numbers and integers related?

Whole numbers are the same as integers. Whole numbers are a proper subset of rational numbers.

Are some integers whole numbers?

integers are whole numbers

Is it true that there are no integers that are whole numbers?

No, integers are positive and negative whole numbers

What is another word for natural number?

Natural numbers are sometimes defined to include zero, sometimes not. Equivalent terms therefore may include: positive integers, non-negative integers, whole numbers, positive whole numbers ("whole number" is ambiguous; some take it to include negative numbers, some not).

How are whole numbers integers and rational numbers related?

The set of integers includes the set of whole numbers. The set of rational numbers includes the sets of whole numbers and integers.

Are natural numbers whole numbers and integers also rational numbers?

Natural and whole numbers are, and integers are rational.

What is an integer whole number?

It is a tautology. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

What numbers sre members of both whole numbers and the set of integers?

All whole numbers are integers.

What is the difference between integers and whole numbers?

What is the difference between integers and whole numbers?

Is integers whole numbers and their opposites?

Integers are whole numbers without decimals or fractions.

When are whole numbers integers?

Always. "Whole number" and "integer" are two different names for the same thing.

What is Set of integers contains whole numbers and their .?

The set of integers is the same as the set of whole numbers.

Why is an integer always a whole number?

An integer is not always a whole number because whole numbers are numbers 0 and up. Integers are numbers above and below 0. (Including negatives.) So therefore, if an integer is a negative, it would not be a whole number. But a whole number is always an integer.

How are whole numbers related to integers?

Whole numbers and integers is basically the same. Actually, this depends on the exact definition used for "whole numbers"; the term "integers" is unambiguous, and thus preferable.

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