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Itโ€™s actually 6
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Q: Assume rst mno if rs equals 6 equals st and mo equals 11 what is the length of rt?
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What is the length of rt if rs equals 6 and st equals 6 and mo equals 11 and triangle rst equals triangle mno?

If triangle RST equals triangle MNO then RT = MO = 11 units. All the rest of the question - the lengths of RS and ST are irrelevant.

Rst jkl rs equals 8cm jk equals 12cm perimeter of rst equals 32cm find the perimeter of jkl?


Perimeter of rst equals 32cm find the perimeter of jkl?


Perimeter of rst equals 32 cm find the perimeter of jkl?


What does 5.5 mean in RST 5.5 interrupt of 8085 microprocessor?

The 5.5 in RST 5.5 means that the interrupt vector is located between RST 5 and RST 6.

Why rst x.1 rst x.2 rst x.3 not in 8085 why only rstx.5 is used?

Because that's how Intel designed the 8085. In addition to the 8080 type interrupt on the INTR pin, Intel chose, for the 8085, to implement four new interrupts, RST 5.5, RST 6.5, RST 7.5, and TRAP, each of which would not require the interrupting device to provide a vector. The naming convention of x.5 was simply in recognition that Intel placed the implicit vector halfway between two other RST vectors. As an example, RST 6.5 is halfway between RST 6 and RST 7. Since RST 6 and RST 5 are eight bytes away from each other, placing RST 6.5 in between would place a limit of four bytes, and four bytes is enough to place a three byte JMP instruction. The decimal and hex addresses of all of the vectors are... RST 0 - 0 - 00H RST 1 - 8 - 08H RST 2 - 16 - 10H RST 3 - 24 - 18H RST 4 - 32 - 20H TRAP - 36 - 24H RST 5 - 40 - 28H RST 5.5 - 44 - 2CH RST 6 - 48 - 30H RST 6.5 - 52 - 34H RST 7 - 56 - 38H RST 7.5 - 60 - 3CH

What is RST in 8085?

RST OF TRAP is 24h(hexadecimail) address.

what- for RST?


RST is dilated?


In RST RS 15 RT 12 and ST 17. Which angle of RST has the smallest measure?

It is angle RST.

Why specific name of interrupt RST?

Because this mnemonic stands for RESTART (RST).

What are the 12 interrupts in 8085?

The 8085 does not have 12 interrupts, it has five. INTR RST5.5 RST6.5 RST7.5 TRAP If you are thinking about the interrupt vector table in low memory, which happens to have 12 entries, you are misclassifying things, as this table only applies to RST5.5, RST6.5, RST7.5, TRAP, and INTR vectors that use the RST instuction. In point of fact, the INTR vector can be anywhere in memory, because the hardware response vector can easily provide a CALL instruction instead of an RST instruction. That said, the RST vector table in low memory is... 00H - RST 0 08H - RST 1 10H - RST 2 18H - RST 3 20H - RST 4 24H - TRAP 28H - RST 5 2CH - RST 5.5 30H - RST 6 34H - RST 6.5 38H - RST 7 3CH - RST 7.5 ... where RST 0 through RST 7 are software interrupts or hardware vectors for INTR, and RST x.5 and TRAP are hardware interrupts.

In what year did Rosetta Stone - RST - have its IPO?

Rosetta Stone (RST)had its IPO in 2009.

What does rst in 8085 software interrupt stand for?

RST is simply the opcode chosen to represent the Restart instruction.

What does 6.5 signify in rst 6.5 of 8085 microprocessor?

The name, RST6.5, was chosen because the interrupt vector lies halfway between RST 6 and RST 7, specifically at address 0034H.

What is the market cap for Rosetta Stone RST?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Rosetta Stone (RST) is $198,899,463.68.

What is measure of rst?


What is the measure of RST?


Explain interrupt vector table for 8085?

The interrupt vector table in the 8085 is a region of low memory that contains the target addresses for the RST instructions. RST can be invoked by the program, by an INTR request which provides an RST x instruction in response to INTA, or by one of the four direct interrupt pins, TRAP, RST5.5, RST6.5, and RST7.5 Each of these interrupt sequences place the PC on the stack, and then execution goes to one of the vectors. The vectors are as follows... RST 0: 0000H RST 1: 0008H RST 2: 0010H RST 3: 0018H RST 4: 0020H TRAP: 0024H RST 5: 0028H RST5.5: 002CH RST 6: 0030H RST6.5: 0034H RST7: 0038H RST7.5: 003CH

Is pseudo code is a) high level language b) assembly language c) machine language?

in RST interrupt , RST STAND FOR

Describe RST 5.5 interrupts in 8085 microprocessor with examples?

RST 5.5 is level triggered interrupt & maskable also. it can be masked by using SIM intrruction. Vector address of the RST 5.5 interrupt is 002Ch

What is the interrupt number in 8085 microprocessor and how to find interrupt's vector address?

The 8085 has five interrupts, INTR, RST5.5, RST6.5, RST7.5, and TRAP. It also has eight software interrupts, RST0, RST1, ..., RST7. The INTR interrupt requires a hardware response that is an opcode. Usually, the opcode is either a CALL instruction, in which case the interrupt vector can go anywhere in memory, or it is an RST instruction, in which case the vector is based on a table in low memory. In the case of RST instructions, either directly or via INTR, or the RSTx.5 interrupts, you simply multiply the interrupt number by 8 to get the vector address. The following table presents the vector addresses for all possible interrupts... RST 0 - 00H RST 1 - 08H RST 2 - 10H RST 3 - 18H RST 4 - 20H TRAP - 24H RST 5 - 28H RST5.5 - 2CH RST 6 - 30H RST 6.5 - 34H RST 7 - 38H RST 7.5 - 3CH

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(x, y) -> (-x, y)

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