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If triangle RST equals triangle MNO then RT = MO = 11 units. All the rest of the question - the lengths of RS and ST are irrelevant.

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Q: What is the length of rt if rs equals 6 and st equals 6 and mo equals 11 and triangle rst equals triangle mno?
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Assume rst mno if rs equals 6 equals st and mo equals 11 what is the length of rt?


Rst jkl rs equals 8cm jk equals 12cm perimeter of rst equals 32cm find the perimeter of jkl?


Is triangle rst triangle xyzif so name the postulate that applies?

APEX Congruent-SAS

Can you name 3 different triangles with showing the picture?

Three triangles are: scalene, which has three sides of different lengths, isosceles, which has two sides with the same length, and equilateral, which has three sides that are all the same length. In the picture, the scalene triangle is triangle RST, the isosceles triangle is triangle XYZ, and the equilateral triangle is triangle ABC. If two sides or more sides of a triangle have a little line on them, then they are the same length. Click on the related link, "Three Triangles", to see them.

If you know that triangle RST is congruent to triangle ABC what else do you know to be true?

That all sides and angles are also equal.

Perimeter of rst equals 32cm find the perimeter of jkl?


Perimeter of rst equals 32 cm find the perimeter of jkl?


If Triangle R'S'T' has sides of 3 cm 4 cm and 5 cm. And triangle RST has sides of 12 cm 16 cm and 25 cm. what is the dilation of the triangles?

The 1st is a right angle triangle and the 2nd is a scalene triangle.

Why rst x.1 rst x.2 rst x.3 not in 8085 why only rstx.5 is used?

Because that's how Intel designed the 8085. In addition to the 8080 type interrupt on the INTR pin, Intel chose, for the 8085, to implement four new interrupts, RST 5.5, RST 6.5, RST 7.5, and TRAP, each of which would not require the interrupting device to provide a vector. The naming convention of x.5 was simply in recognition that Intel placed the implicit vector halfway between two other RST vectors. As an example, RST 6.5 is halfway between RST 6 and RST 7. Since RST 6 and RST 5 are eight bytes away from each other, placing RST 6.5 in between would place a limit of four bytes, and four bytes is enough to place a three byte JMP instruction. The decimal and hex addresses of all of the vectors are... RST 0 - 0 - 00H RST 1 - 8 - 08H RST 2 - 16 - 10H RST 3 - 24 - 18H RST 4 - 32 - 20H TRAP - 36 - 24H RST 5 - 40 - 28H RST 5.5 - 44 - 2CH RST 6 - 48 - 30H RST 6.5 - 52 - 34H RST 7 - 56 - 38H RST 7.5 - 60 - 3CH

What does 5.5 mean in RST 5.5 interrupt of 8085 microprocessor?

The 5.5 in RST 5.5 means that the interrupt vector is located between RST 5 and RST 6.

What is RST in 8085?

RST OF TRAP is 24h(hexadecimail) address.

Why specific name of interrupt RST?

Because this mnemonic stands for RESTART (RST).