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Let the length of the shadow be x and use the tangent ratio:

5/1.2 = 17/x

Make x the subject of the equation:

x = (17*1.2)/5

x = 4.08 feet

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Q: At any given time of the day the ratio of an object the length of its shadow is the same for all objects if a 5ft post casts a shadow of a 1.2ft find the length for a 17ft post?
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Is translucent object casts a shadow?

The shadow is grey but not complete black as that of opaque object.

A 3 foot pole casts a 6 foot shadow A 4 foot pole casts an 8 foot shadow Use a linear equation to predict the length of a shadow cast by a 6 foot pole?

Shadow lengths are proportional to the heights of objects casting the shadows. Therefore, calling the shadow length l, the height h, and the proportionality constant k, l = kh. (The intercept is 0 because an object with no height casts no shadow.) Therefore, in this instance k = l/h = 6/3 or 8/4 = 2. then l(6) = 2 X 6 = 12 feet.

What is a tall thin object that casts a shadow?


A tree is twice as high as the length of the shadow it casts The distance from the tip of tree to the tip of the shadow is 8 feet What is the length of the shadow that the tree casts?

Since the tree is twice as high as the length of the shadow, we can set up the following equation: 2x = x + 8, where x is the length of the shadow. Solving the equation gives us x = 8 feet, so the length of the shadow that the tree casts is 8 feet.

Does a street sign cast a shadow because light is shining on it at an angle?

An object casts a shadow whenever it is illuminated. It really has nothing to do with the angle. Regardless of the angle, it will cast a shadow. The LENGTH of the shadow it casts, however, is dependent upon the angle at which the light strikes the object. A stop sign will cast a very narrow shadow when the sun is directly overhead, for example, but will cast a very long one at sunrise or sunset.

Why does the triangle tower have no shadow?

Everything has a shadow. I think maybe because the shadow is cast upon it's self. Every object that stands in light casts a shadow, unless that object is light (produces light). A light bulb illuminated on a sunny day,has no shadow of the illumined parts. A flashlight in the sun light is a waste, a flame from a lighter on a sunny day is almost invisible. If an object casts no shadow, then, that object is light. I like to describe it as, (concerning people) a humble person casts no shadow.

What is the height of a flagpole if a person 5 feet tall casts a 10 foot shadow at the same time that the flagpole casts a 40 foot shadow?

The flag pole would be 20 feet. (You can see that the shadows are twice as long.) At a given time of the day, the length of a shadow cast by any object will have the same relationship to its actual height as all other objects. Here the ratio is 5/10 = x/40 and multiplying both sides by 40, 20 = x.

Why are shadows made bigger when moving only the torchlight?

It is due to the angle and position of the torchlight relative to the object casting the shadow. The nearer the torchlight is to the object, the bigger the shadow that the object casts.

How tall is a man that casts a shadow at the same time a 40 ft building casts a 60 ft shadow?

If the building casts a shadow, then the sun is out, and any man who is not standing in theshadow of the building will cast a shadow of his own, no matter how short or tall he may be.(If you had told us the length of the man's shadow, it would have been a completely differentquestion, and we could have had a completely different answer to offer in response.)

What is the height of the tree if it casts a shadow 146 feet long?

It depends on the time of day because the angle of the sun will determine the shadow length

A flagpole casts a ten meter shadow at the same time as a six meter statue beside it casts a two meter shadow What is the height of the flagpole?

The statue is 6/2 = 3 times the length of its shadow. The flagpole is 3 times its shadow ie the flagpole is 3*10 = 30 metres.

What is moon shadow?

This can refer to the shadow the moon casts in space. If it touches the earth there is a solar eclipse at that point. It can also mean the shadows cast by objects when there is bright moonlight.