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Bernoulli's equations explain 100% of the lifting force created by wings. But Newton's third law also explains 100% of the lifting force. This should not be suprising, since Bernoulli's equations are based on Newton's laws. Bernoulli and Newton are two different ways of explaining a complicated situation. Neither is more "right" than the other. If we choose one explanation while ignoring the other, then our understanding of flight will be incomplete.

To be clearer... Bernoulli's equation describes the lifting force in terms of pressures applied to the wing surface. There are no other forces involved. If we know the pattern of pressures, then we know the lifting force. Yet the explanation of flight remains incomplete. Wings feel pressure because they change the motion of the surrounding "parcels" of air, and air has mass. If a wing applies a force which causes air to accelerate downwards, then by Newton's 2nd and 3rd laws, the wing must experience an equal upwards lifting force. If we know the acceleration of the air surrounding the wing, then we know the lifting force.

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Q: Bernoulli's equation and an airplane's wing?
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What are the three applications of bernoullis equation?


What is the factor described by bernoullis principle that allows airplanes to fly?

The faster a fluid travels the less pressure it exerts. Since the fluid (air) is traveling slower beneath the wing than the air going over the top, lift is created.

What is bernoullis equation?

p+pgh+ 1/2 pv^2= constant.

How do airplanes flya?

They way airplanes fly is actually very simple. The wing of an airplane is curved on the top and flat on the bottom. This means that the top side of the wing is longer than the bottom part. When air passes by the wing, some of the air goes on top and some on the bottom. Because the particles of air want to stay together by the law of attraction, the air that passes over the top of the wing moves faster than the air that flows under the wing. This causes a low pressure system to form above the wing and a high pressure system to form below the wing. The higher pressure beneath the wing forces the wing up allowing the air plane to fly. This is also called Bernoullis principle.

What is bernoullis equation of fluid in a pipe?

A1V1=A2V2 or V2=(A1/A2)(V1)

What was World War I airplanes?

There were many different airplanes developed during the war - bombers and fighters. They came in single wing (monoplanes), two wing (biplanes) and three wing (triplane) varieties.

Which states Bernoullis principle?

Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a liquid results in a decrease in pressure, and a decrease in the speed of a liquid results in an increase in pressure. This principle can be used to explain why airplanes are able to gain lift and fly. The wing of an airplane is designed to allow air to move at a faster speed over the top of the wing and a relatively slower speed across the bottom of the wing. This differential in the speed of the air over the wing and beneath the wing results in a low pressure above the wing and high pressure below the wing, causing lift and allowing the plane to fly.

Are airplanes aircraft?

Yes, airplanes are aircraft. However, not all aircraft are airplanes. Helicopters, blimps, and balloons are aircraft- but they are not airplanes. Airplanes are generally fixed wing machines that move through the air.

What is a Fixed Wing Airplane?

A fixed-wing aircraft is an aircraft which has wings that are attached to the aircraft and do not move. The term is used to differentiate airplanes from other types of flying vehicles such as lifting-body aircraft (balloons and blimps) or rotary aircraft such as helicopters and auto gyros. All airplanes are considered fixed-wing aircraft and even swing-wing or otherwise moving-wing airplanes are usually referred to as being in the fixed-wing category of aircraft.

What does airplanes have?

wings engine and body.Also wing tips

What does the lifting force on an airplanes wing do?

increases with speed

Do airplanes usually have 2 wings?

Yes, airplanes usually have 2 wings. 1 wing would be unsteady.

What do you call a group of airplanes in formation?

A flight, a squadron or a wing.

What happenes when you increase an airplanes wing size and speed?

generates more lifting force

Does weigth effect paper airplanes?

Yes, weight may affect paper airplanes, and this can be seen through a paper airplane's wing loading.

When were air planes invented?

Modern fixed-wing airplanes were designed in 1799.

Can an airplane go to space?

No. Airplanes need air to fly. The wing shape when passing through the air, creates more pressure on the bottom of the wing than on the top creating lift. In space there is no air and so airplanes will not work.

How do airplanes stay in flight?

Planes stay in flight because of bernoulli's principle. When air passes over a airplanes wing. The air that goes on the top of the wing moves faster than the air the goes on the bottom. Thsi auses a low pressure system above the wing and a high pressure system beneath the wing. The high pressure below the wing pushes the airplane up allowing it to fly.

Airplanes and aircraft?

Airplanes are generally fixed-wing aircraft. Aircraft can mean any type of flying machine, from airships (balloons/blimps), jets, propeller driven airplanes, rotor-wing (helicopters), UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), drones (about the same thing as a UAV), or the space shuttle.

Is the upward force on a airplane wing is thrust?

Thrust is the forward motion of the airplane provided by the engines. Lift is the upward force on an airplanes wing.

How much fuel can airplanes carry?

My Cessna 172 (C172) holds 200 liters. 100 in the left wing and 100 in the right wing.

Why red light on left wing tip and green on right wing tip?

so other airplanes in the sky can differentiate your direction of flight.

What is the bernoullis princible?

Bernoullis Princible states that the faster a fluid moves, the less pressure the fluid exerts.

What is the angle between the airplanes wing and the direction of airflow called?

This is called the "angle of attack."

What is a delta wing?

Delta wing is the swept back wing design seen on jet airplanes like the Concorde. It is also a race car used in Le Mans in 2012.