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You get 17.

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2009-10-02 17:59:17
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Q: Calculate 30 percent of 40 and 25 percent of 20 then add the two result together?
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Calculate 30 percent of 40 and 25 percent of 20 then add the two results together?

The answer would be 17.

How do you calculate 75 percent of 18?

find 75% of 10 and 75%of 8 then add them together

How do you calculate an average if the score is higher than 85 percent?

You add together the values and divide by the number of values.

What number is halfway between 179 and 837?

You can calculate the average of both numbers. That will give you the correct result. (That is, add the numbers together, then divide by 2.)

How do you calculate a perimeter of a rectangle?

Add together its 4 sides

What do you call the result when you add two numbers?

when you add two or more numbers together, the result is called the sum

How do you get an average of 85 percent 58 percent 92 percent?

Add the three together and divide by three.

When you add two numbers together the answer is called?

When you add two (or any number of) numbers together, the result is called the sum.

How do you calculate 3 percent raise?

To calculate a 3% raise, you need to multiply your current salary by .03. The amount you come up with will give you your raise. You can add these amounts together and get your total salary. Or multiply by 1.03 and save a step.

What is 12 percent plus 20 percent?

12 percent plus 20 percent equals 32 percent. To add one percentage to another simply add the numbers together and keep the percentage sign.

Calculate the atomic mass of an element containing a mixture of isotopes?

multiply the mass of each isotope by the percent of the isotope. Then add all of these numbers together to find the average atomic mass.

How do you find 22 percent?

find 10% * it by 2 find 1 percent * it by 2 add together

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