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No, they cannot with real numbers. With complex numbers it is possible.

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Q: Can 2 binomials have a monomial product?
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Will the product of two binomials always equal a trinomial?

no, because some examples are: (a-2)(a+2) = a^2-4 (binomial) & (a+b)(c-d) = ac-ad+bc-db (polynomial) but can 2 binomials equal to a monomial?

Is 5 a monomial?

yes- monomial means having one term, 5, 5x and 13xyz are all monomials 2 +13x, and 34xy- 3z are binomials. ( bi means two)

Is a variable a monomial?

A monomial is an expression that is either:1) a numeral,2) a variable,or 3) the product of a numeral and one or more variables.A variable can be thought of as the product of the numeral 1 and the variable, thus making it a monomial.

Can you give me 5 example of product of two binomials?

no please give me 5 riddles about product of 2 binomial

What is the monomial of 135ab?

135ab is a monomial, where 135 is its coefficient.A monomial is a number or a variable or a product of numbers and variables.

What is the degree of the monomial -2?

The monomial -2 has a degree of 0.

What is the sum and difference pattern for the product of two binomials?


Will the product of two binomials after combining like terms always be trinomial?

No. A counter-example proves the falsity: Consider the two binomials (x + 2) and (x - 2). Then (x + 2)(x - 2) = x2 - 2x + 2x - 4 = x2 - 4 another binomial.

How can you factor a polynomial in standard form completely?

You can factor a polynomial using one of these steps: 1. Factor out the greatest common monomial factor. 2. Look for a difference of two squares or a perfect square trinomial. 3. Factor polynomials in the form ax^2+bx+c into a product of binomials. 4. Factor a polynomial with 4 terms by grouping.

Why is a constant a monomial?

"Why is a constant a monomial?"The short answer is because a constant is a special typeof monomial.The reason for this is that the definition of a monomial reads: A monomial is"An expression that is eithera numeral (= a numerical expression which names a particular number, IE a constant),a variable,or a product of a numeral and one or more variables.""constant (monomial): A monomial consisting of a numeral only; a term with no variable factor. "

You can find the product of any two binomials using what property?


You can find the product of any two binomials using the property?


What property is used when finding the product of a monomial and a polynomial?


If you multiply a trinomial by a monomial what type of polynomial will the product be?


Does the FOIL system work for any 2 binomials?

does the FOIL system work for any binomials

Is this number a monomial or binomial or trinomial 341a9?

Monomial. Monomial. Monomial. Monomial.

What is a monomial problem in algebra?

Monomial has two different meanings;1. is a product of powers of variables.2. The second meaning of monomial includes monomials in the first sense, but also allows multiplication by any constant, so that − 7x5 and (3 − 4i)x4yz13 are also considered to be monomials

When is the product of two binomials also a binomial?

(a-b) (a+b) = a2+b2

Is 2n-2 a monomial?


What relationship of product of two integers to the product of two binomials?

the two consecutive positive integers whose product is 380 19 20

What is a number that is a variable or a product of a number and one or more variables?

A Monomial;)

To write a polynomial as the product of 1 monomial factors and 2 prime factors with at least two terms?

Is sometimes possible, but not always.

What is product of two binomials?

The product is(the product of the first term of each)plus(the product of the last term of each) plus(the product of the first term of the first and the last term of the second) plus(the product of the first term of the second and the last term of the first).

What is the monomial for 16x?


Is 2-3a monomial?