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No. Math does invlove a lot of varibales, but a dyslexics main struggle is reading.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-22 22:16:19
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Q: Can a dyslexic have trouble with only math?
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What would a dyslexic have trouble doing?

reading and writing

Is it easier for dyslexic people who are good at math to write reports or essays?


What careers are for dyslexic people who are excellent at Math?

If you are good at Math, you can still get a high class job such as an accountant nevertheless.

What are the chances of dyslexic people who are really good at math to go into physics and engineering?


What are the chances of dyslexic or dysgraphic people into engineering?

Very high, most engineers are not good at writing anyway, they are only good at the math and the numerical and logical processes.

Does learning disable child is dyslexic child?

No. It depends on writing, reading, math, and related skills.

Is it true that if you are a dyslexic and dysgraphic student who is good at math but a terrible writer you will fail science and engineering?


Is Liam Payne dyslexic?

I don't think so, he never admitted it, but he does have some trouble reading.

What is all Bella Thorne's Disabilities?

There is only one, Dyslexic Bella Thorne is only Dyslexic some people think she is Anorexic but she just has a fast metabolism

Is Lady Gaga dyslexic?

No she's not, she hasn't got any trouble at all when reading or writing, so no.

What are the chances of a dyslexic who's good at math to go into physics chemistry and engineering?

A person who has dyslexia but who is good at math can succeed in the sciences. Science depends much more on math, than it does on writing.

What university degrees are suitable for dyslexic and dysgraphic people who are excellent at math?

That should be rather obvious as these people seem to speak in math. Computer science to theoretical mathematics.

What do dyslexic children have problems learning?

Dyslexic children seem to have trouble learning early reading skills, problems hearing individual sounds in words, analyzing whole words in parts, and blending sounds into words.

How do dyslexic people read?

I'm dyslexic, and I read normally. The only difference is comprehension of words might be slowed and sometimes the word would look messed up (like switching two letters-- ex. solw instead of slow). When I read to myself, I do fine most of the time, but if I read out loud, I have trouble.

Was Mozart dyslexic?

Yes, he was dyslexic!

Was Einstein dyslexic?

Yes Einstein was dyslexic

How do you know if someones dyslexic?

Some signs of dyslexia include trouble understanding the meaning of a simple sentence and trouble recognizing words. Sometimes people describe seeing words backwords.

How do you do well in Math?

Practice math problems and focus on ones you are having trouble with.

How Dyslexic is Bella Thorne?

You can't be very dyslexic some people are dyslexic there's really no difference

Was Leonardo da Vinci Dyslexic?

Yes, he was dyslexic!

Is David Cameron dyslexic?

No, David Cameron is not dyslexic.

Are you going to get in trouble by your math teacher tomorrow?


Is math interventions for dumb people?

I would assume math interventions would be for people who have trouble understanding math.

Is math dyslexia a thing?

It would just be considered dyslexia if you could not read. If you were dyslexic and had a hard time reading books you would have an equally hard time reading math equations. There is no type of dyslexia that is just about reading math problems.

What does dyslexic mean?

The word "dyslexia" means literally abnormal words. The adjective is dyslexic.A dyslexic person (suffering from the condition dyslexia) will have difficulty in reading, writing and spelling, caused by incorrect mental processing. A dyslexic person may have trouble matching letters to sounds, distinguishing letters, or organizing letters into words. The condition can be slight or it can be severe, but it will usually respond to any of several specialized programs of educational instruction.(see the related question)