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Q: Can a patient owe a practice an amount of money that is 60-90 days overdue and also another that is current?
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What are the statistics of Klinefelter's syndrome?

In the United States approximately 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000 male live births are affected with the syndrome. See the link. (my endrocronologist - who has been in practice 35+ years has never seen another klinefleters patient and we live in Boston. Many people who have it - that never desire children may never be diagnosed. therefore I think the number is closer to the one in a 1000

What is the technique for leucophoresis?

leucapheresis - blood is withdrawn through a vein and passed through a cell separator machine. white cells are removed and the rest of the blood is returned to the patient through another vein. this method can be usd to collect peripheral blood stem cells from a patient.

Is patient gender a continuous variable?

No, Patient's gender is not a continuous variable. It is discrete variable.

Why over 50 percent of all illnesses are closely related to stress why?

After examining a patient's test results & not finding anything that can explain what the patient is complaining about, some doctors don't actually know the cause of the illness. At that point, some doctors will tell their patients that the illness is 'related to stress'. Most people don't tend to argue with that claim because most people are under some amount of daily stress & they can't prove such a claim is true or false. If a person doesn't accept such an answer and the doctor can't give them an answer that will satisfy the patient, some doctors will then tell their patient the problem is psychosomatic (in the persons mind only). This is usually done to frustrate the person & to discourage the patient so s/he will go to another doctor who might have more of a clue or solution to their illness.

A patient that is 72 inches is?


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What is another name for the patient account record?


Is an established patient anyone who has previously received professional services from the physician or another physician of the same specialty who belongs to the group practice?

3 years

If a doctor leaves a practice does a patient have a right to know why?


Is there a practice test for patient care tech?


You are a new assistant in a medical practice, and a patient arrives bleeding, looking pale, and in pain. As a professional, what would be your perception of the need for care of this patient What would be your first action?

simple i'll give him a advice that to consult another doctor then he will be cured..

Why practice is so important for the palpation of a patient?

When it happens they know what to do

Does a patient have to leave a practice if she wants to date her general practitioner?

Yes. Because its illegal to have intimate relations with a patient.

Are you allowed to seat a dental patient in a dirty room?

If I were a dental patient I would walk out of a dirty practice and complain.

Can a docttor refuse to see a patient if he thinks they are wasting tablets?

yes they can. It is a patients right and choice to refuse any drugs prescribed by a doctor. A doctor can technically, only advice the patient to take the medication. If the child is a minor than it is the adults choice.

When a patient has insurance coverage for which the practice will create a claim the patient bill is usually done?

After the encounter and after the payer's payment is posted

Who keeps the medical records when a new doctor buys the practice?

Unless the seller is retiring from practice, both should keep the records. The new doc especially needs records for patients that will remain with the practice -- not so much patients that leave the practice, although those too should be retained until you KNOW the patient has completed transfer to another doc.

If a patient's payment is later than permittrd under the finicaal policy of the practice maybe started?

If a patient's payment is later than permitted under the financial policy of the practice, collections procedures may be started.