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Yes, of course.

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Q: Can a polygon with 4 non equal sides be a quadrangle?
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What is a 4 non equal sided polygon?

A non equal sided polygon is called a quadrilateral, or quadrangle.

What does non-regular polygon mean?

All the sides are not equal

What is a polygon with no congruent sides?

It is a non-equilateral polygon. It will, therefore, be an irregular polygon. However, it may or may not be non-equiangular. For example, it is possible to construct polygons with 5 or more sides such that no two sides are the same but such that all the angles are equal.

Are all polygons regular?

Not all polygons are regular by definition. An irregular polygon may have non-congruent sides or non congruent angles or both. A regular polygon will always have both congruent sides and angles.

What is a regular polygon vs a not regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are equal length and whose angles are all the same value. A non regular polygon is just the opposite of a regular polygon.

What is non regular polygon?

A non regular or irregular polygon is a polygon whose sides are not all the same length

What is a quadrangle with 2 parallell sides and no right angles?

A [non-right] trapezium.

What the meaning of non-regular polygon?

a polygon in which the sides are not all the same length

What is the difference between a regular polygon and non-regular polygon?

All the sides of a regular polygon have the same length. If two or more sides of a polygon have different lengths, then the polygon is not regular.

Is a circle a non polygon?

A circle is NOT a polygon, because a polygon is composed of straight line segments, and a polygon DOES NOT have rounded sides. BUT! I read this on the internet, that SOMETIMES a circle is considered a polygon with infinite number of sides.

What is a non quadrilateral?

Any other polygon that does not have 4 sides

What quadrangle has one pair of parallel sides and one right angle?

Such a quadrangle cannot exist. The right angle must be formed by one of the parallel sides and one of the non-parallel sides. Then the angle formed at the other end of that non-parallel side would also be a right angle (the non-parallel side would be a transversal intercepting the two parallels). But then the quadrangle has two right angles, and not just one. No its Trapezoid

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