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A circle is NOT a polygon, because a polygon is composed of straight line segments, and a polygon DOES NOT have rounded sides. BUT! I read this on the internet, that SOMETIMES a circle is considered a polygon with infinite number of sides.

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Q: Is a circle a non polygon?
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Is a circle a regular shape or non regular shape?

A circle is non-polygon. Meaning it has a curved side. A circle has no sides. It is non-regular.

What is the polygon of a circle?

A circle is not a polygon.

Is an circle a polygon?

No, a circle is not a polygon

How can a circle be a polygon?

A circle can be a polygon. Sometimes a circle can be a polygon that has infinite number of sides.

A circle inside a polygon where each side of the polygon is tangent to the circle?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon

What is a circumscribed polygon?

A circumscribed polygon is a polygon all of whose vertices are on the circumference of a circle. The circle is called the circumscribing circle and the radius of the circle is the circumradius of the polygon.

Can a circle be a polygon?

a polygon is a multi-sided shape, therefore a circle is not a polygon.

What polygon is a circle?

A polygon is a plane area bounded by straight lines. A circle consists of a curved line, not a straight line. Therefore a circle is not a polygon and conversely, no polygon can be a circle.

What is an inscribed polygon?

A circle with a polygon in it An inscribed polygon is any polygon that can fit within a specific curve or circle.

What is meant by a circle being circumscribed about a polygon?

It means drawing a circle around a polygon in such that each vertex of the polygon is on the circumference of the circle.

What polygon fits a 22 feet circle?

A polygon with any number of sides will fit the 22ft circle. The more sides your polygon has, the less the area between the circle and the polygon..

If a circle is tangent to each side of a given polygon then?

the circle is inscribed in the polygon :]

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