Can a rhombus also be a square?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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yes it can

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Q: Can a rhombus also be a square?
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What is a square besides a rhombus?

A square is also -- a quadrilateral -- a parallelogram -- a rhombus -- a rectangle

Why is a square always a rhombus but a rhombus is sometimes a square?

Both have sides of equal length so that a square is also a rhombus. But a the angles of a rhombus need not be right angles so it may not be a square.

Can a square be also a rhombus?

yes if the rhombus has four sides.

The diagonals of a what are perpendicular of each other?

A rhombus, or a square. (A square is, of course, also a rhombus.) * * * * * Also kites and arrowheads.

Is a square also a rhombus?

A square is not a rhombus it is a quadrilateral. A Rhombus is also a quadrilateral. Plus, I have extra information for you. Did you know that quadrilaterals have four sides? Well its true!

Is every square also a rhombus?

Yes, every square is a rhombus because they are all equilateral quadrilaterals.Every square is a rhombus, but not all rhombuses are squares.

Is a square and a rhombus the same?

No. Any square is also a rhombus, but the reverse is not true. A rhombus is a parallelogram having all four sides equal. A square is a rhombus in which all the angles are right angles.

What rhombus is also a rectangle?

A square.

Is all rhombus a square?

A rhombus is not a square because it does not have four 90 degree angles, however a rhombus does have four equal sides. A rhombus is also known as a diamond.

Is a rhombus ever a square?

It has to be sometimes, because every square is also a rhombus. But there are also a lot of other rhombera (rhombusses) that are not squares.

How can a figure be rectangle rhombus and square?

Any square is also a rectangle and a rhombus. It's also a parallelogram and a quadrilateral as well, too.

Are diagonals of rhombus congruent?

Not unless the rhombus is also a rectangle (in which case it's also a square).