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Yes it can. 2 is an even number and it is prime.

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Q: Can an Even number be prime why?
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Can a even number connot be a prime number?

2 is even, and it is a prime number. No other even number is prime, since by definition, an even number has 2 as a factor.

Can a even number be a prime number?

Yes, 2 is a prime number and an even number.

Is 992 a prime number?

No. No even number can be prime and 992 is an even number.

Is number on e a prime or even number?

The number 1 is prime, but not even.

Does every prime number have one even prime number?

No. The only even prime number is 2.

Is a 14 a prime number?

No. 14 is an even number and the ONLY even prime is 2.

Is 1990 prime or even?

1,990 is NOT a prime number but it is an even number.

Which number is even and prime?

2 is the only prime number that is even.

Is 7 a prime number and a even number?

7 is prime and not even.

Is 2548 a prime number?

No. It is an even number. The only even number that is prime is the number 2.

Which prime number is present in even number?

The only even prime number is 2

What are the name of even prime number?

The only even prime number is 2.