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Yes, an electric baseboard heater can be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom.

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Q: Can an electric baseboard heater be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom?
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Which electric baseboard heater is more efficient 120 v or 240 v?

There is no difference in the efficiency between the two baseboard heater, just the voltage. By using the higher voltage, double the fixtures can be installed on the circuit. Heat output will be the same if the wattages are the same.

Where can one look for different electric baseboard heaters?

I am renewing my heater system because it is old. Where can I get more information on electric baseboard heaters?

What types of bathroom heaters are able to be installed in the floor?

Some examples of heaters that can be installed in the flood of a bathroom is Warmwire radiant floor heater, Electric heaters for the floor, In-slab heaters and many other.

Outlets can be located 6 inches above electric baseboard heaters?

NO! No outlets may be installed above a baseboard heater, no matter how high, it's against code. (also dangerous for any electrical cord from that outlet that could rest against the hot heater) Good luck Ed

Wiring diagram electric baseboard heater?

Yes, the heater is a 240/120 heater, but I want to operate as 120 volt

Your Marley electric baseboard heater will not shut of Replaced thermostat Newly installed this heater during your basement remodel?

If it has never worked properly, you probably have somehow connected it improperly. Contact a local electrician or qualified handyman to help wire the heater properly.

What is the most energy efficient electric heater?

The Fahrenheat Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater is very energy efficient. Because of its "baseboard" design, it is not necessary to use a powerful to disperse the heat. It uses natural radiance, which saves on electricity costs.

How many watts of electric does a 10' baseboard heater use?

A rule of thumb is 250 watts per linear foot. The ten foot baseboard heater probably has a rating of 2500 watts.

Which energy transfers are used in the electric coil of a baseboard heater?

Conduction and Radiation - NOVANET

What makes an electric baseboard heater tick?

The expansion and contraction of the heating element when the unit turns off and on. If you have ultra fine hearing and the thermostat is part of the baseboard heater it will be the bi-metal element in the thermostat.

Where should a service valve be installed to an instantaneous electric water heater?

The 100%correct answer is as close as possible , because you donโ€™t want to run around the building to close the tab .

Baseboard Heater?

form_title= Baseboard Heater form_header= Keep warm with a baseboard heater. Do you need to replace a broken heater?*= () Yes () No What is the square footage of your home?*= _ [50] What is your budget for a heater?*= _ [50]

Can you plug baseboard heater in 120v?

If it is a 240 volt baseboard heater then the answer is no.

Electric baseboard heater wont turn off?

Check the thermostat; the contacts may be damaged.

Can i use a number 12-2 wire for a 220volt baseboard heater?

12 Ga wire CAN be used to wire a baseboard heater. It depends on the current draw of the baseboard heater.

What is the lowest price for a baseboard heater?

The price of a baseboard heater is going to depend on the brand and length of the heater you are going to buy. You can get one for as little as $27 for a 30 4ft. baseboard.

How many 240 volt electric baseboard heaters can you connect to a number 10 wire?

Depends on the Amperage of each baseboard heater (how many watts each one draws).

How far away should furniture be from a baseboard heater?

From 100 to 150 mm from the front face of the baseboard heater.

Can a gas water heater be installed in a bathroom?

yes there are direct vent gas water heater available Absolutely NOT

Whjat is one of the most effieicent electric wall heater brands?

Dayton is one of the most effieicent electric wall heater brands. You can read more at

Where can you find Electromode baseboard heater covers?

This website might be a good solution: I'm not sure if they will work on both hot water and electric baseboard heaters.

Can you get a black dust on your wall from a base board electric heater?

Yes, you can get black dust on your wall from a baseboard electric heater. If the heater has a fan, this often spreads dust to areas near the walls. If the heater does not have a fan, the warm air rising from the heater can cause dust to settle near the area.

How do you fix an electric baseboard heater?

Depends on what is wrong with it. Can be a bad thermostat, or a broken or loose wire. Can also be the element is broken.

What wire gauge and amperage for a 1600 watt wall heater?

1600 watts is unusually low for electric baseboard heaters! These usually are rated at about 6000 watts.Typical electric baseboard heaters operate on 220 volts thus you heater would pull about 7.3 amperes and 16 gauge wire can easily handle this.A standard 6000 watt baseboard heater pulls about 27 amperes and needs 10 gauge wire.

Where can I find out more information about electric baseboard heaters?

I need some heating in my kitchen but don't have room for a radiator or a wall heater. I have been told I could have electric baseboard heaters fitted but I don't know how effective they are. What web sites could I look at to find out about them?