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Both? There are more than two network topologies available.

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Q: Can both networking approaches be implemented in every network topology?
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What are the types of topologies networking?

Bus star ring mesh hybrid

What is the star network with an additional networking device connected to the main networking device?

hierarchical (extended) star topology

If you have four computers and a switch you want to make a network of these computers using switch which networking topology you will use?

Star Topology

What network topology or connection type can be implemented with only two endpoints?


What is the difference between networking and network?

Networking is to access the network via the internet or by any kind of connectivity that involves, or requires a connection to do so. Network is the actual set up or topology of the computers.

What is the best networking topology to use for a library lan and why?

he most commonly used network topology is a hybrid topology called the Star Bus TopologyRead more:

What topology is the most popular network topology because it has the most flexibility in terms of providing for future growth and adding high-speed networking capability?


The physical layout of nodes on a network is known as?

Network Topology

Why does network topology matter to design a network?

yes, network topology does matter to design a network. as we know that topology is a structure of network. without a topology network cannot be designed. we have to consider which topology to use and what does each topology does. different topology have its different features. if you want most secure connection use full mesh topology

What is physical layout in the network topology?

netwok topology is firstly the process of configuring computer system and peripherals in other for it to have a maintained and stabled communication link in a network environment. so there must be a layout of configuration and networking environment....

Which topology is the most commonly used server network topology?

Star topology is the most commonly used network topology.

What does Network topology mean?

network topology is a set of rule .which type of network are working .

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