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Five over sixteen cannot be reduced. Sixteen is not evenly divisible by five.

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Q: Can five over sixteen be reduced?
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Can five over forty be reduced?


What does ten over sixteen equal?

.600, or Five Eights.

What is the square root of sixteen over twenty five?


What is 8-35 reduced?


What is the answer to five over eight of sixteen?

5/8 of 16 is 10.

Fifty over seventy five reduced with primefactorzation?

2 over 3

Can twenty over thirty five be reduced?

4 over 5 4 over 5

What is 3 over 15 reduced to?

three over fivteen reduces to one over five .

What is five over sixteen?

5 - 16

What is three fifths minus one seventh?

The answer is sixteen over thirty five.

What is sixteen and five tenths?

Sixteen and a half.

What is the fraction 9 over 15 reduced to its highest term?

The answer is three over five.

What is sixteen and 1 fifths times five and two fifths?

ninety and two fifths reduced not reduced:ninety and six tenths

What is 5 and 1 over 4 be reduced?

five and three quarters

How many ounces in five pounds?

sixteen ounces to a pound. five times sixteen is eighty

What is five and one sixth divided by two and two thirds?

One and fifteen over sixteen.

Can five and three eighths be reduced?

43 over 8 (improper fraction)

What is 516 written in words?

five hundred sixteen or five hundred and sixteen

What would the present value factor be for sixteen point six five percent over ten years?

== ==

What is 0.128 as a fraction in its simplest form?

16/125 (sixteen over one hundred and twenty-five)

What is one whole subtract five over sixteen?

1 minus 5/16 = 11/16.

What is the fraction for 55 percent?

The fraction is fifty-five over one hundred, which reduced is eleven over twenty.

What is the reduced fraction of seven and seven over five?

It would be 8 2/5.

What is thirteen over sixteen as a decimal?

thirteen over sixteen as a decimal = 0.8125

How do you write sixteen million four hundred five thousand sixteen?