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Q: Can five over forty be reduced?
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Can five over sixteen be reduced?

Five over sixteen cannot be reduced. Sixteen is not evenly divisible by five.

What is the simplest form for eighteen over forty five?

The simplest form for eighteen over forty five is 2/5

Can you simplify five over forty two?


What is three over twenty five minus two over forty five?


Which is correct forty-five or forty-five?


What is the decimal number for forty five over fifty eight?

The decimal number for forty five over fifty eight (45/58) is: 0.775862

What is forty five over a hundred an eighty?


What is 3 over 5 square?

forty five

What is 1.45 in a fraction?

1 45/100 this can be written one and forty five hundredths or one forty five over one hundred

What is forty five over eight times negative forty over nine?

45/8 x -40/9 = 25

Can forty none over twenty one thousand six hundred and nine be reduced?


How do you write 540540540000540000540000540000000 in words?

You asked for it! Five hundred forty nonillion five hundred forty octillion five hundred forty septillion five hundred forty quintillion five hundred forty trillion five hundred forty million.

Fifty over seventy five reduced with primefactorzation?

2 over 3

Can forty ninetieths be reduced?

yes it can be reduced to four ninths.

What is 8-35 reduced?


How do you say time one hour and forty five minutes?

One forty five A. M. One forty five P. M. zero one forty five thirteen forty five

Five hundred and forty five thousands in numbers?

545,000 is five hundred forty-five thousand 0.545 is five hundred forty-five thousandths 500.045 is five hundred and forty-five thousandths

How do you write 5.045 in words?

I would write it as five and forty-five thousandths.

What is the reciprocal of 7 and five sixths?

the answer to that question is six over forty

What is 545545?

five hundred forty five thousand five hundred forty five

Can twenty over thirty five be reduced?

4 over 5 4 over 5

What is 3 over 15 reduced to?

three over fivteen reduces to one over five .

What is the fraction 9 over 15 reduced to its highest term?

The answer is three over five.

What is the difference between forty-five and forty-five?

The number 45 in English is spelled forty-five. It is never spelled fourty-five.

What is 5 and 1 over 4 be reduced?

five and three quarters