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There are 9 numbers. Assuming the question refers to a 3x3 "magic" square, the answer is no.

The sum of all nine numbers is 36 so each of the 3 rows must sum to 12.

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Q: Can sums all rows equal 9 using 0 - 8 only once?
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Can sums all rows equal 17 using 1-9 only once?

If you are thinking of a mgic square, the answer is NO. The nine numbers sum to 45 so if you have three rows with equal sums, that sum can only be 45/3 = 15. You can have two rows, each adding to 17, and using the digits only once, but you will not use all digits.

Can sums all rows equal 15 when using 3 rows of 3 and making the diagonal rows also equal 15 using 1 through 9 only once?

2 7 6 9 5 1 4 3 8

Can sums all rows equal 12 using 1-9 only once?

No. The sum of 1-9 is 45 and 12 does not divide 45.

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Can sums all rows equal 15 using 1 9 only once?

Assuming you're referring to a 'magic square' one solution would be... 816 357 492

Can sums all rows equal 15 using 1 -9 only once?

Assuming a 3x3 square, yes. If you want to know a solution where all rows, columns and diagonals sum to 15, it is: 2 9 4 7 5 3 6 1 8

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