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Mechanical advantage is a measure of leverage, essentially and = distance moved at input end / distance moved at output end, but the work done ( force* distance ) at each end is the same except there will be the inevitable friction losses inbetween,

The efficiency of a machine is work done at output / work done at input and can never exceed 100 %

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Q: Can the actual MA of a machine ever be greater than its IMA?
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When is the mechanical advantage greater than one?

The IMA of a machine is greater than 1 whenever the output force is greater than the input force.

Is actual yield greater or less than theoretical yield?

The actual yield is less than the theoretical yield.

Why can't the force that comes out of a machine be greater than the force that goes into a machine?

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Can you make work output of a machine greater then the work input?

No. And you cannot make it greater THAN the input, either.

Is it true or false that in some machines the output force is greater than the input force?

Output force CAN'T be absolutely greater than input force because energy is lost due to friction. However, the "mechanical advantage" of a simple machine can be greater than one because the machine applies the force over a different distance.

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