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Technically no. In the USA the NFPA electrical code requires a separate circuit for each large appliance receptacle- there are a few exceptions (such as a heater and AC on same circuit) - I don't think the welder is one of the exceptions. In practice, as long as only one receptacle is used at a time, it will work fine Make sure that the wire size is correct for the current (amp) draw. This is taken off of the welder nameplate. Size the breaker to protect the wire size. If more that one welder gets plugged in the breaker will trip.

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2008-12-28 01:19:31
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Q: Can you install two 220v receptacles for a welder in two different areas of your shop on the same circuit?
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What is the proper ampere rating of circuit breaker for electric arc welder?

The proper ampere rating of a circuit breaker for an electric arc welder depends on the arc welder. Each is different. Look at the nameplate on the arc welder and choose the circuit breaker and wiring accordingly.

If Three welder's are welding on one test coupon different filler wire and different welding processes after radiography one welder has failed.what about other welder he also will fails or not?

The other welder will also fail.

What size wire do you need to run a welder from the main panel?

That depends on the size of the welder. A 240 V welder that is recommended to operate on a 30 Amp circuit should be wired with a 10 AWG wire.

Will a 115V welder plug into a 120V house plug?

Yes, but it may draw too much current for the circuit. If it's a 15 amp circuit and the welder draws 17 amps, it won't work. Voltage is only a part of the puzzle.

How is a certified welder different from a qualified welder?

I think Certified welder learn from the books and get certificate. But Qualified welders learn from the practical knowlege then they qualify the field.

What size circuit breaker is needed for a 90 amp spot welder?

AWG #4 copper.

Can you install a 240v outlet for a stick welder near your panel if it has slots available for a circuit breaker?

Simple answer is yes. But you need to first determine if your breaker can handle it, not just because you have an empty slot. You have to total up amps being used and check rating for your box. If it can handle it then it is a sinch to install

What size wire for a 40 amp breaker to a welder?

Us 8 AWG for a 40 amp circuit.

Is a welder an inverter?

No. My cousin brother works in an inverter company as the MD. Welder is technically different term it does not convert form of electricity.

I am wiring a circuit in my shop to run a MIG welder that draws a max of 30 amps The run is approximately 40' from the service panel What gauge wire should be used for this circuit?


What size circuit breaker is needed for a 190 amp welder?

Check the input current rating on the welder. The output current rating of 190amp will not tell you the maximum current draw from the AC supply. There is typically a transformer inside the welder which bumps up the supply current to the desired duty cycle.

What is the pay rate for experieced welder in NJ?

What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder?

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