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Q: Can you reduce negative four and twelve thirds?
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Related questions

How many thirds are there on one whole?

There are twelve thirds in four wholes.

What is two thirds minus two?

negative four thirds

What is the reciprocal of negative three fourths?

Negative four thirds

What is negative four minus negative twelve?

neg 16

What is an equivalent fraction for four thirds?

eight sixths or twelve ningths

What is two thirds plus four and two fifths equal?

twelve fifteenths or four fifths

What is the mixed number for twelve thirds?

The answer is four. It's not a mixed number since twelve is evenly divisible by three.

What is four plus negative one thirds?

3 2/3 ; three and two thirds

How many one-third are there in 4 wholes?

There are twelve thirds in four wholes.

What is negative four and two thirds as a decimal?

-4.6666 repeating

One half divided by negative three eighths?

Negative four thirds. ( -4/3 )

How many thirds are in 12 inches?

Twelve inches can be divided into three thirds of four inches each. Additionally, the value 1/3 can fit into twelve inches exactly 36 times.

Is negative four thirds less than negative negative one third?

yes, the smaller the negative number the bigger it actually is

What is negative four plus twelve?

8 8

Is two thirds greater than four sixths?

Two thirds is actually equal to four sixths. You have to reduce four sixths by dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor, which in this case is 2.

What is the answer to negative two-thirds plus negative four-fifths?

-10/15 - 12/15 = -22/15

What is four thirds times one?

the correct answer would be four thirds because four thirds one time is four thirds

What is negative twenty-four over twelve in decimal form?


How many thirds are there in four thirds?

Four of them.

What is negative three and two thirds minus four and five ninths?

-8 and 2/9

What is the answer to 12--4?


What is twenty four minus negative twelve?

24 - (-12) = 24 + 12 = 36

What is four thirds plus negative one third?

4/3 plus -1/3 = 1

Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.

What is negative two thirds plus negative four fifths?

The sum of -2/3 and -4/5 is -1 7/15

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