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If you have the equation, yes.

If the equation is given in terms of x and y, make y the subject of the equation. That is, expres the equation in the form y = mx + c where m and c are constants. Then the gradient is m.

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Q: Can you tell the gradient without graphing the line?
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What is approximate gradient?

The gradient of a line is the same as the slope of a line. It will tell someone measuring the line how straight the line is.

What does the gradient of a straight line mean?

no. you tell me. why is this not on the internet.

How can you tell from a linear equation which direction it goes without graphing the equation?

You must find the slope, if it is positive, then the line is always increasing. If it is negative, then the line is always decreasing.

What does the gradient of a line on a distance-time graph tell us about an object?

The gradient of a distance-time graph gives the object's speed.

How do you figure out the equation of a table with a graphic calculator?

It depends on which calculator! If the data is linear, you can estimate the slope of the line and the y-intercept from graphing the data. By graphing the data, you will be able to tell if it forms a straight line or not.

How can you tell that the line segment connnecting the points is vertical without graphing the points?

The equation does not have and y variable in it: it is of the form x = c. Alternatively, the x coordinates of both points are the same and the y coordinates are not.

Why is graphing the solution of an inequality easier than listing all solutions?

so that you can easily tell what the answer is by extending the line on the graph instead of calculating it

How do you put games on a graphing calculator?

Here is a great site that will tell you everything you know about graphing calculator programming, and its got programs there to! See the related link, "Graphing Calculator Programming".

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How can you tell whether the gradient of a curve is increasing or decreasing?

Differentiate the curve twice and then enter a value for x. If the answer is positive, the gradient is increasing at that point. If the answer is negative, the gradient is decreasing at that point. And if the answer is zero, the gradient is not changing.

What is the slope of a line graph?

it is impossible to tell the slope of a line graph without proper points to evaluate from.

Without graphing how can you tell which slope is steeper?

For a positive number, as the slope(y=mx+b where m is the slope) gets greater in value, the line gets steeper when plotted on a graph. For a negative number, as the slope(y=mx+b where m is the slope) gets greater in value, the line gets less steep when plotted on a graph.

What is the y-intercept of this line?

I'll be happy to answer that question as soon as you show me the line or reveal its algebraic description. Without that information, it's not possible to tell what the line is.

Line T is the transversal that intersects lines A and B.?

It could be but it is difficult to tell without seeing the lines!

What is y equals -4x-5?


What does slope tell you about inches and centimeters?

Nothing. Slope is a measure used in graphing and algebra. Feet and inches are units of linear measurement.

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What is the physical interpretation of gradient of a scalar field and directional derivative and its application?

If you think of it as a hill, then the gradient points toward the top of the hill. With the same analogy, directional derivatives would tell the slope of the ground in a direction.

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What does a slope OF 0 tell you about a line?

It is a horizontal line.

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