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You must find the slope, if it is positive, then the line is always increasing.

If it is negative, then the line is always decreasing.

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Q: How can you tell from a linear equation which direction it goes without graphing the equation?
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How is graphing a linear equality different from graphing linear equation?

They are the same.

What are the steps to graphing a linear equation?

rise over run.

What are advantages to using the table method when graphing a linear equation?

For a linear I can see no advantage in the table method.

How is graphing a linear inequality different than graphing a linear equation?

In an inequality, you have to shade a side of a line to see show if the possible answers are greater than or equal to it

How is graphing a linear inequality the same as graphing a liner equation?

They are alike in that you graph the lines in the same way, but they are different because you have to shade in one side of the line

Three methods in graphing linear equation?

table of values,x and y-intercept and slope and y-intercept

Is the equation 4y2x linear?

Without an equality sign it is not an equation but an expression

Which direction would the graph of y-x plus 2 plus 3 open?

The question contains an expression, not an equation. An expression does not have a graph. Furthermore, even if it were an equation, its form suggests that it would be a linear equation and a linear equation does not open in any direction.

How do you figure out the equation of a table with a graphic calculator?

It depends on which calculator! If the data is linear, you can estimate the slope of the line and the y-intercept from graphing the data. By graphing the data, you will be able to tell if it forms a straight line or not.

How is graphing a linear inequality the same as graphing a linear equality?

Because the question is tautological. You are asking how something is the same as that very samne thing!

What is the difference between a linear function and a quadratic equation?

A linear equation describes a line like 2x+1=y. If you were to graph that equation, then it would give you a line. A quadratic equation is like x^2+2x+1=y. Graphing this equation would give you a U shaped graph called a parabola.

How do you solve linear graphing problems?


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