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Yes because it will tessellate

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Q: Can you tile a surface with a rectangle?
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How do you change a tile to a triangle?

If a tile is a square or rectangle, cut the tile from corner to corner and you will create two triangles.

Is a rectangle a tessellate?

The rectangle is the simplest and most obvious case of a geometrical form that can tile a plane.

Can you tile over kitchen carpet?

Not really...for tile to be properly set it must be on a hard surface. A carpeted surface will not provide the hard surface needed for tile to properly bond.

Can a octagon tile a flat surface alone?

A regular octagon cannot tile a flat surface, it needs squares as fillers. An irregular octagon can tile a flat surface alone.

What is the face of a rectangle?

It is one surface on a rectangle.

What number makes a rectangle 4 tile wide?


What has more surface area a square or rectangle?


Does a cylinder or rectangle have more surface area?


Can you tile over fireplace tiles?

Though people do tile over tile, it's really not recommended. The underlying surface can make or break a tile installation. Preparing that surface is the most important step. So I'd remove the old tile, prepare the surface properly and then install your new tile. This will insure the long lasting beauty of your fireplace tile.

What number of tiles will make a rectangle that is 20 tiles wide?

How long is the rectangle? If the rectangle is only one tile long, then it will take 20 tiles.

Which regular polygons will not tile a surface?

An [equilateral] triangle, square and hexagon are the only regular polygons which, by themselves, will tile a surface.

What type of underlayment do you need when installing tile floor?

Before installing tile flooring, you need a clean FLAT surface. Tile is not a flexible material so the flat surface ensures the tile will match up correctly. You also need to sand the underneath flooring so that the grout and tile cement will be able to form a cohesive nature with tile and permanently fix the tile to the surface.

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