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yes, but you probably won't need it or any calculator

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Q: Can you use an abacus for calculus equation?
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When do you use calculus?

Calculus is the mathematics of change. For example, given an equation for velocity, distance/displacement, or acceleration, the other two values may be found.

What are some calculus equations?

any differential equation would be considered a calculus equations.

Where does the word calculator come from?

Ancient Romans counted with pebbles, in the same way that the Chinese use an abacus. The Latin for pebble is CALCULUS. Hence the verb to calculate. Which is, of course, what a calculator does.

Where does the name calculus came from?

The term calculus comes directly from Latin. In Latin a calculus (noun) is a small stone used for counting, much like the beads on an abacus. One of the fundamental uses for modern calculus is integration, which is of course addition of infinitely small sections.

Does calculus have a greek root?

Yes is does. The original word is "kachlika" for the little stones that the ancient Greeks used as a sort of abacus.

What is domain in calculus?

In calculus, the domain refers to the interval that all x values fall on in a graph, equation, etc.

What is the calculus operation for finding the rate of change in an equation?

A derivative.

How do you use the word abacus in a sentence?

well here is the answer ! :)Some people use the abacus to solve some mathematical calculations

How do you use abacus whiz abacus host-Emulator-1?

for example , 122marisbman

What are the advantages of the abacus?

One of the advantages of the abacus is that it is easy to use. Another is that it does not require electricity to work. You can use it no matter where you are.

How do you use Calculus in a sentence?

My Calculus class is in third period. Calculus is a noun

How do you find dimension in calculus?

Dimension is = the number of variables used in the equation

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