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Yes if you are sure it won't overload the circuit. You may want to install a separate switch as well.

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Q: Can you wire the vanity light to the exiting light from the ceiling?
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How do you connect a ground wire for a light fixture?

Connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the ground wire in the ceiling box.

What do you use to connect the electrical wires when fitting a ceiling fan or ceiling light?

Wire nuts

Where to buy a hard wire ceiling fixture without a light?

Just install a cover on the ceiling box.

I see only a red and a green wire coming out from ceiling box. What are they and how do you connect them to a ceiling light?

Normally red or black is the hot wire and green is the ground. However someone may have used the green wire as the neutral wire which is normally white. Just connect the black wire from the light to the red wire and the white wire from the light to the green wire and see if it works. If not you have to pull the wires out of the ceiling box and see how they wired it.

Where does the switched live go in a ceiling light?

To the black wire on the fixture.

How do you wire a ceiling light that doesnt have a black or white wire?

It will have 2 black or brown wires. Look very closely at the wires coming from the light. One of the wires will have ridges on it or may have a white line or some other method of identification. That wire is the neutral wire and connects to the white wire in the ceiling box. The smooth wire is the hot wire and connects to the black wire in the ceiling box.

How do you convert a hardwire ceiling light to swag?

The easiest way to convert a hardwire ceiling light to a swag light is to extend the wire. A reliable electrician should be consulted.

Where does the blue wire to the ceiling fan go if the light has only black and white?

to blk hot wire

How to connect electricity wire to three wired out ceiling fan?

Some ceiling fans have a black, white and sometimes blue wire. The blue wire in this case is so you can switch a light separate from fan. If your fan doesn't have a light just put a wirenut on extra wire and ignore it. If you do have a light and want it switched you'll need an extra wire run to fan, and switch that wire for light.

Do you need to cut extra wire for ceiling light or just tuck the extra up?

You will want to leave about 8" of wire sticking out of the box. After connecting the light just push the extra back into the ceiling box.

How do you install a new pull chain ceiling light?

Just remove the old light and install the new pull chain light connecting the black wire to the copper screw and the white wire to the silver screw. There is no connection for the ground wire. Just shove it back into the ceiling box.

When you connect earth wire in ceiling light does not work when connecting earth from light direct to earth wire coming from ceiling trips out when take earth wire out light works?

By earth wire I am assuming you mean the bare wire and that a black and white wire are connected to the light. If when you connect the earth wire and breaker trips then there is a short between black and earth. It could be a bad ground connection, an internal short in the light fixture where black wire "hot" is connected to metal on the fixture through a nick in wire.

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