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The radius will depend on the plus or minus value of 10 or whether or not it needs a plus sign but the center of the circle is at (-2, 3)

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Q: Center and the radius of the circle x2 plus 4x plus y2 - 6x 10?
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What is the size of the center circle of a football pitch?

The center circle has a 10 yard radius.

Find the center and radius of the circle with this equation X2 plus Y2 minus 6X plus 2Y equals 0?

The centre is (3,-1) and the radius is sqrt(10).

If the radius of a circle is 10 inches what is the diameter?

The radius is half the diameter. The diameter is twice the radius. If the radius is 10 inches, the diameter is twice that, or 20 inches. The radius is any straight line that connects a point on the circle with it's center. The diameter is a line segment that connects two points on a cirle throught the center of the circle.Answer:Let r be the radius of the circle and d be the diameter of the circle. We know that the diameter = 2 * radius of the circle. Given the radius r = 10 inches. Diameter d = 2 * 10 Diameter = 20 inches.

What is the equation of a circle whose center is at the origin and whose radius is 10?

The equation of circle is (xโˆ’h)^2+(yโˆ’k)^2 = r^2, where h,k is the center of circle and r is the radius of circle. so, according to question center is origin and radius is 10, therefore, equation of circle is x^2 + y^2 = 100

What is the radius of the circle if the center of the circle is C(-35) and the point P(511) is on the circle?

If you mean (-3, 5) and (5, 11) then using the distance formula the radius of the circle is 10 units

What is the radius of the center circle on a soccer field?

10 yards The width and circumference is 10 yards

In soccer what is the area of the center circle?

diameter of a soccer center circle is 10 meters. means the radius is 5 meters. area of a circle is (pi)*(r)squared. approximately 78.5398.

If a circle with 10 ft diameter what is the radius?

Radius of circle: 10/2 = 5 feet

What is the semi circle radius 10cm?

It is half of a circle; the circle's radius (and that of the semicircle) is 10 cm.

A circle has a diameter of 10 cm what is the radius?

the radius of a circle is half of its diameter.

What is the radius of a circle with circumference of 20 pi?

The radius of this circle is 10 units.

What is the circumference of the circle if the radius 10 inches?

The circumference of a circle with a radius of 10 inches is about 62.83 inches.

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