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there both rectangle

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Q: Compare rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms How are they alike?
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How are alike rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms?

They both have at least one rectangular face.

How are rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms alike?

They are both 3d solid figures based on rectangles.

How are rectangular prisms are alike?

They are all rectangular prisms!

How are pyramids and prisms alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

How are rectangular prism and triangular prisms alike?

They are both three dimensional prisms.

How are triangular prisms and pyramids alike?

They both have a triangular shape

How are a rectangular and a triangular pyramid alike?

Rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids both have triangular faces.

How are a cube a rectangular prism and a cylinder alike?

They are all, technically, prisms.

How are prisms and pyramids alike?

The similarity between a prism and a pyramid is that they are both Polyhedrons.

How are a cube and a rectangular prisms alike?

They both have 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices

How is rectangular prism alike to rectangular pyramids?

Rectangular prisms have two rectangles at each base. Take four lines and connect the four corners perpendicularly of the two rectangles to make a rectangular prism. Rectangular pyrimads only have one rectangle base. Draw four lines from the four corners of the rectangle and make those four lines meet at one point. The way these two are alike is that they both had rectangular bases.

How are rectangular pyramides and triangular prisms alike?

Both are 3D shapes which are pentahedra, comprising triangles and rectangle(s).

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