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Rectangular prisms have two rectangles at each base. Take four lines and connect the four corners perpendicularly of the two rectangles to make a rectangular prism.

Rectangular pyrimads only have one rectangle base. Draw four lines from the four corners of the rectangle and make those four lines meet at one point.

The way these two are alike is that they both had rectangular bases.

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Q: How is rectangular prism alike to rectangular pyramids?
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How is the rectangular prism and the rectangular prism alike?

they are the same shape, so they will be alike.

How is a rectangle and rectangular prism alike?

both are a rectangular

How are a cube and a rectangular prism alike and different?

They are alike, because they both have square bottoms. They are different, because the rectangular prism is longer.

How are a rectangular and a triangular pyramid alike?

Rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids both have triangular faces.

How a cube and a rectangular prism alike?

A cube is a rectangular prism in which each edge is of the same length.

How many apexes does a rectangular prism have?

none apexes are only for pyramids (the point at the top) there are no apexes in a rectangular prism

Compare rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms How are they alike?

there both rectangle

How are a rectangular pyramid and a retangular prism alike?

They are polyhedra with a rectangular base.

How are alike rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms?

They both have at least one rectangular face.

How are rectangular pyramids and rectangular prims alike?

They are similar, however, the distinctiion is that the pyramid has a rectangular base with triangular faces meeting in a vertex (thus forming the pyramid shape), while the prism has a congruent (identical) cross-section, like a loaf of bread. So the prism has two rectangular "ends".

How are rectangular prism and triangular prism alike?

They are polyhedra, with several rectangular faces, and with two identical and parallel bases.

How are triangular prism and rectangular prism alike?

They are polyhedra, with several rectangular faces, and with two identical and parallel bases.

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