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640/240 = 2.666 or 2 and 2/3 inches.

480/240 = 2 inches

So the image is 2.6666x2 inches, or about 5.33 (5 and 1/3) inches squared.

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Q: Compute the size of 640×480 image at 240 pixel per inch?
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How many pixel equal to one inch?

1.5 inch=300 pixel

What is the resolution of 2 2 inch image that has 512 512 pixels?

Resulation means pixel per inch either row side or column side, so row side= 512/2=256 or column side 512/2=256.

How do you convert pixels per inch to dots per inch?

It is the same. 1 dot is also 1 pixel.

What resolution do my images need to be printed in a 12x12 frame?

For a 12 x 12 inch print your ideal image resolution dimensions should be 3600 pixels by 3600 pixels. At a minimum your dimensions should be 1800 by 1800 pixels. Larger mega pixel producing cameras are often better when you want to crop your image down to smaller sizes.

How many inches equal one pixel?

It depends upon the physical resolution of the display unit and its manufacture. There can be between about 70 pixels per inch and 325 pixels per inch. (or each pixel is between approx 0.014 in and 0.0031 in wide) - from this the limitations of the resolution than can be displayed is derived. For example, I have an 19 in CRT monitor which can physically display 1600 px by 1200 px over an area of approx 14.4 in by 10.8 in; which means that there are 111 pixels per inch, making each physical pixel approx 0.009 in. Other resolutions of output (1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480) are achieved by overscanning the pixels, sometimes using more than 1 physical pixel to display the pixel (eg 800x600 is achieved by displaying 4 pixels for each pixel (a 2x2 grid) of the output, making the pixels approx 0.018 in in this case, or approx 56 px/in). My laptop display is approx 13 in by 8¼ in with a physical resolution of 1280x800 which gives 96 px/in and thus each pixel is approx 0.0104 in (as given by Lifesnadir above). Again, other resolutions are achieved by over scanning pixels. Another 17 in CRT monitor I have has a dot pitch of 0.28mm which gives approx 91 px/in or each pixel is 0.011 in for its native resolution of 1280×1024.

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Is a mega pixel unit one inch by one inch?

A pixel is the smallest area in a digital image. It does not have a unique size, it depends on the amount of detail specified for that image.

Compute the size of an 640*680 image at 240 pixels per inch?

The size of the image is 2.67 inches x 2.83 inches (width x height) when printed at 240 pixels per inch.

Compute the Size of 800x600 image at 240 pixels per inch?

If the image is 800 pixels by 600 pixels at 240 pixels per inch, then the image size is (800 / 240) by (600 / 240) or 31/3 by 21/2 inches.

How many pixel equal to one inch?

1.5 inch=300 pixel

What is the difference between intensity and density of pixel in image?

Intensity is the amount of light the pixel reproduces (how bright it is). Density refers to the amount of pixels that are used to encode an inch or an centimeter of the photograph.

What is meant that bitmap graphics are resolution dependent?

bitmap or raster images are in other words pixel images and every pixel image must have resolution, resolution is number of pixels per inch, cm

What are the most important characteristics of an image?

Technical characteristics:- number of colors (how many bits per pixel are supported)- image size (width x height in pixels - also call image resolution horizontal, respectively vertical)- file size (size in bytes of the file where the image is saved)- display/print resolution, usually in dots per inch/cm (a description on how to output the image)Subjective impressions (for example when evaluating photographs)- subject of the image- background- type of the composition (surreal, landscape...)A pixel is a single rectangular element of an image. A pixel has a defined color.

What must your resolution be to enlarge an image to poster size or larger?

Changing resolution you will change print size of photo or both print size and pixel dimensions. This depend what resolution you need. Example: if you have 400x200 px image with 300 resolution (1.3 inch wide printable dimension) changing resolution to 72 px per inch you can get 1600x800px image with 5.2 inch wide printable dimension.

What is resulation in photoshop?

Photoshop is an image editing program. Resolution is the term used for how dense an image is pertaining pixels. Photoshop can handle any range of resolution as long as the computer has enough speed and enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to handle large resolution images. Within Photoshop, resolution refers to pixels per a measure of length. In the US, it is usually measure as pixels/inch. In Europe, pixels/centimeter. A pixel is the smallest "part" of an image, so higher the pixel/inch gives the image more detail and "crispness."

How many pixel makes an inch?

It depends how big the pixels are.

How many pixel in one inch?

Depend on image resolution. You can see image resolution in Photoshop from Image > Image Size. Pixels are just the tiny dots that form images, they are not a form of distance measurement. To demostrate this, take for example a 40 in. TV. That 40 inch TV might contain 1920 x 1080 pixels to make up the screen, but likewise, a computer screen that is only 20 in. can also have the same amount of pixels.

What a size 600pixels x 600pixels looks like?

Many computer screens are formatted such that 72 pixels is 1 inch: So 600 pixel / (72 pixel/inch) = 8.3333 inches in that format.