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3.99$/1lb * 1lb/0.453 kg = 8.80$/kg

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Q: Convert 3.99 per lb to dollars per kilogram?
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How do you convert 50 dollars per pound to 50 dollars per kilogram?

Multiply the $50 by 2.2.... $50 per lb = $110 per kilo

How do you convert us dollars per kilo to us dollar per pound?

1 kilogram = 2.2046226218 pounds so if something were $20 per kilogram it would be $20 / 2.2046226218 = $9.071847400200709 per pound

How do you convert dollars per gallon in dollar per ton?


Convert 6.71 kilogram per meter to gram per millimeter?

To convert kilogram per meter to gram per millimeter, we need to consider the conversion factor where 1 kilogram is equal to 1000 grams and 1 meter is equal to 1000 millimeters. Therefore, 6.71 kilogram per meter is equal to 6710 grams per 1000 millimeters, which simplifies to 6.71 grams per millimeter.

How do you convert gram per hectare to kilogram per hectare?

Divide by 1000

How do you convert milligram per liter to milligram per Kilogram of sand?

To convert milligrams per liter (mg/L) to milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) for sand, you need to know the density of sand to account for the volume change. Once you have the density, you can multiply the mg/L value by 1000 (since 1 liter of water is approximately 1 kilogram) and divide by the density of sand to get the mg/kg value.

How to Convert dollars per square meter to dollars per square yard?

Convert $24.85 USD per square yards to square meters

How do you convert dollars per square feet into dollars per cubic yard?

To convert dollars per square foot to dollars per cubic yard, you need to consider the dimensionality difference. Since square feet are 2-dimensional measurements and cubic yards are 3-dimensional measurements, you would need to know the height or thickness of the object to make an accurate conversion. Once you have the height or thickness, you can use the conversion factor to calculate the cost per cubic yard.

How do you convert dollars per kWh to dollar per Btu?

Divide the dollars per kWh by 3,412.14163

What is 4.28 dollar per pound to dollar per kilogram?

4.28 (U.S. dollars per pound) equates to about 9.44 U.S. dollars per kg

How do you convert dollars per mtu to dollars per ton?

mtu = metric ton unit 1 dollars per mtu = 1 dollars per ton

What is the present price of white ambergris?

250 dollars per kilogram