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1 kg/cubic metre = 77.853 pounds/ cubic foot.

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Q: Convert Kg per cubic meter to pcf?
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How do you convert 2.2 pcf to metric?

2.2 per cubic foot = 2.2 x 0.0283168466 per cubic meter

How do you convert cubic meter per second to meter per second?

You cannot convert cubic meters per second to meters per second. You cannot convert volume to length.

How to convert kilogram per hour to cubic meter per hour?

unless you know the density of the cubic meter, you can't convert the flow rate.

Convert standard cubic meter per hour to million million standard cubic feet per day?

Convert standard cubic meter per hour to million million standard cubic feet per day?

How do you convert pounds per cubic foot to kilo newtons per cubic meter?

Pounds of force per cubic foot x 0.16 (0.157087464) = kilonewtons per cubic meter.

How do i convert 1 gallon per cubic yard to milliliters per cubic meter?

Use this method: Gallons per cubic yard x 0.000201974026 = milliliters per cubic meter

How do you convert gram per cubic meter to tons per cubic meter?

1ton=1000kg 1kg=1000gm 1ton=1000000gm

Convert cubic meter per minute to meter per second?

Formula: m3/min x 0.01667 = cubic meters per second

How do you convert cubic meter hour to cubic feed min?

You multiply by the number of feeds per meter and by the number of minutes per hour.

How do you convert grams per square meter to kg per cubic meter?

Grams are a measure of weight, a square meter is a measure of area, and a cubic meter is a measure of volume. These are not comparable.

How do you convert cubic meters to metric tons?

multiply by the density in tonnes per cubic meter.

Convert 2.66 tons per cubic meters into tons per cubic feet?

2.66 tonnes per cubic meter = about 0.075 tonnes per cubic foot.

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