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A cylinder's length is 12 inches, and its radius is 6 inches.

What is the surface area of the cylinder to the nearest tenth ?

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Q: Could you show a problem of what is the surface area of the cylinder to the nearest tenth?
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Can a cone and a cylinder have the same surface area?

Of course they can. The cone would have to be taller or have a wider base than the cylinder, but they could very easily have the same surface area. A cone and a fish can have the same surface area.

What is the radius and height of cylinder with a surface area of 32 square feet?

The surface area does not provide enough information to determine the dimensions of the cylinder. It could be a tall thin cylinder or a squat one. It is possible for two such to have the same surface area but vastly different volumes.

What feature of a cylinder uses square centimeters?

The surface area of a cylinder is measured in square units, and could be measured in square centimeters.

WHY DOES Cylinder 3 misfires 98 ford explorer?

Could be a bad coil (each cylinder has its own) common problem

What is the surface area of a cylinder is the circumference is 52?

You can't tell. It can be anything. A cylinder wth a circumference of 52 can have any length. It could be 0.001 long, or it could be 35 million long, or less, or more, or anything in between. All of these different cylinders could have the same circumference, but they all have different surface areas. The surface area is (circumference) x (length). So the surface area of your cylinder is 52 for every 1.0 unit it is long.

Ford f-250-front brakes not releasingpossibly master cylinder problem?

Master cylinder possible but could also be wheel cylinder problems or warped rotors

What could be the problem if you get an obd2 code of po307 cylinder 7 misfire detected on a 2000 Chevy silverado?

this could be a bad plugwire or sparkplug or a bad coil for cylinder 7.

Why do think cylinder seals developed into works of art?

A person could show ownership of a container by rolling a cylinder over the container's wet clay surface.

What could be the problem with the number 2 cylinder changed plug but still missfire?

Change the wire, or coil plug

Will a partially blocked injector cause my 5 cylinder to miss fire and the computer to recognize the problem?

Yes, it could.

What is the the bottom of a curved line in a graduated cylinder?

The "bottom of a curved line" made by the liquid in a graduated cylinder could be called the "measuring line" or "reference line" in the application of that piece of labratory equipment. The curved surface of the liquid itself is called the meniscus, and we look to the bottom of the meniscus to make our reading as to the volume of the liquid in the graduated cylinder. The liquid in the cylinder "grabs" the sides of the cylinder and "pulls itself up" just a bit, and that creates the curve in the surface of the liquid. And that curve, the meniscus (which is from the Greek word for crescent), leaves us with a problem: where do we "read" the volume marked off by the graduations along the side of the cylinder? And the answer is, "At the bottom of the meniscus."

What could a cylinder be called?

A cylinder could also be called a column or a tube.

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