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Either terminating (as in 0.25) or non-terminating as in the expression for pi.

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Q: Decimal in which digits do not show a repeating pattern is called what?
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How do you turn a division into a decimal fraction?

You do a long division, adding decimal digits until you get a remainder of zero (terminating decimal) or a repeating pattern of decimal digits.

Is 0.232323 a repeating decimal?

If it continues in the same pattern, repeating the same two digits ad infinitum, then yes, it is a repeating decimal. If it ends there, not really.

When expressed as a decimals rational number will be what or repeating?

When expressed as a decimal, a rational number will either be terminating (end with a finite number of digits) or repeating (have a repeating pattern of digits).

Is 3.010010001 a repeating decimal?

If you repeat the pattern, adding one more zero every time, then no. To qualify as a "repeating decimal", the same digits have to repeat over and over.

What is a decimal that repeats digits an has no end?

a repeating decimal

What is repeating as an fraction?

A decimal fraction is said to be repeating if, after a finite number of digits, there is a string of a finite number of digits which repeats itself for ever more.For example,1537/700 = 2.19571428571428...The first three digits in the decimal representation are not part of the repeating pattern. After that, however, the string "591428" repeats endlessly.

Is a repeating decimal rational?

yes, repeating decimals (those that have infinite - never ending - number of digits after the decimal point and these decimals show repeating pattern) are rational numbers, because they can be written as fractions.

Is 0.66 a terminating or repeating decimal?

It is terminating - after two decimal digits.

Is 7.11 rational or irrational?

A number with a finite number of decimal digits is always rational. (If the number of decimal digits is infinite, the number is rational only if there is a repeating pattern.)

What is a decimal in which one or more digits repeat?

It is a repeating decimal.

What is A repeating decimal is a decimal that?

.. has a string of digits which repeats for ever.

Is 6.767676 is repeating decimal?

No. It terminates after 6 decimal digits.