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equivalent decimal for 2.5 = 2.50

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Q: Decimals write an equivalent decimal for 2.5?
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What his 25percentage as decimals?

25% = 0.25 in decimal

What are underlined digits in decimals?

Underlining is used in questions asked about decimals, not in decimal notation.A bar across the top of a decimal number means that the number (or numbers) are repeated infinitely as the decimal equivalent of a fraction, such as 1/3 (0.3333) or 1/7 (0.142857142857142857).

How many acres in a property 25 meters by 25 meters?

A property that is 25 meters by 25 meters is equivalent to 0.155 acres (approximately).

What is 20 over 25 as a equivalent decimal?

20 over 25 as a equivalent decimal = 0.820/25:= 20 ÷ 25= 0.8 in decimal

How do you change 11 over 25 into a decimal?

When you write " 11/25 ", that fraction, or any fraction, is really meant to indicate a division.If you want the decimal equivalent of the fraction, simply perform the long division ...divide 11 by 25, and the quotient you get is the decimal way to write the fraction.

What are two different methods used to find the decimal equivalent to one-fourth?

1. You can divide 1 by 4, using long division. 2. You can write 1/4 as an equivalent fraction by multiplying numerator and denominator by 25 to get 25/100. Then, write 25/100 as the decimal 0.25.

How do you write 25 percent in decimal?

25% = 0.25 in decimal

How would you write 0.25 as a fraction?

0.25 is the decimal equivalent of 25/100 which simplifies to 1/4.

How do you write 44 over 25 in a decimal?

44/25 as a decimal

How do you write quarter inch in decimals?

For a quarter inch, it .25''

How do you write one half of one half in decimals?


How do your write 25 percent as a decimal?