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Both are measurements of angular displacement.

A degree is 1/360 of a full trun or whole circle.

A radian is 1/(2*pi) of a full turn.

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Q: Define degree measurement and radian measurement?
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What is the relation between radian and real numbers?

A radian is simply a measurement unit. The relation between a radian and real numbers is similar to the relation between a degree and real numbers or a metre and real numbers.

What are angle measured in?

Among units of measurement for angles, the degree and the radian are the most commonly used, by far.

Define Radian measure of an angle?

radian = 180/2pi degrees

How do you convert steradians into radian?

You do not convert. STERADIAN is a two dimensioal measurement RADIAN is a one dimensional measurement. Just as you cannot convert area into degrees (of angular measurement)

What is a unit of angular measurement called?


How many electrical charges are there in a radian?

There is no relationship between electric charge and a radian which is an angular measurement.

Why convert degrees to radian?

Because a radian is a far more versatile unit of measurement, especially in advanced mathematics.

Is a degree or a radian the larger unit of measure?

One radian is equal to roughly 57 degrees!

What is the formula for converting 15 degrees to radian?

1 degree = pi*radian/180 So therefore 15 times pi*radian/180 = pi*radian/12

Define one radian for angular displacement?

1 radian = 1/tau or 1/(2*pi) of a whole turn.

What is radian measurement?

A radian is a unit for measuring angles. Tau radians (2*pi radians) equal a whole turn.

What is the radian degree minute second equivalent for the grad 77.0000?

Radian: 1.21Degrees: 69.3Minutes: 4,158Seconds: 249,500

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