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You do not need to estimate it. You can calculate it as being pi*r2 which, in this case is pi square cm.

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Q: Describe How you could estimate the area of a circle whose radius is 1 cm?
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What kind of unit does a circle have?

A circle can have a unit of length which could be either a measure of its diameter or radius, or of its circumference. Or the circle could have the unit of area.

How do you find the radius of a square?

A square does not have a radius. A square, with sides of length x units, can have an inscribed circle. Such a circle would have a radius of x/2 units. Or the square could have a circumscribing circle. This would have a radius of x/sqrt(2) units.

How do you find center of the circle with radius only?

You cannot. The circle could be located anywhere on a plane.

Could you explain the radius of a circle?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center of the circle to the outer edge Also known as half of the diameter. The diameter is the distance from opposite edges of the circle going through the centre.

Formula of circumference?

Formula of Circumference of a circle: 3.14*Diameter of the circle. You could also do: 3.14*3.14*radius.

What is 2 3rds of a circle?

It depends on the shape that is removed. It could be a smaller circle, whose radius is sqrt(2/3) = 0.8165 of the original radius, Or a circle with a hole with radius sqrt(1/3) = 0.5774 of the original radius cut out of it, Or a wedge making a central angle of 120 degrees removed from the circle, Or more complicated shapes.

How can you describe the shape of an electrical circuit?

It could be an oval or a circle.

What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 3.5 cm?

the circumference of a circle is 3.4 but with the radiusof 3.5 it is........................... well i was hoping you could tell me!!!:)

What is it when the point that is the same distance from all the points of a circle?

Your question implies that it could be the radius, diameter or even the chord of a circle in which the diameter is the largest chord of a circle.

What method could be use to find the radius of a circle with a diameter of 7?

Divide the diameter by 2.

What is the relationship between circumference and the radius of a circle?

i am not sure but i could surly use some help

Is the circumference of a circle a linear function of its radius?

Yes.You could also state that the circumference is directly proportional to the radius. The proportionality constant is (2 pi).

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