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Q: Difference between attenuation constant and phase constant?
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What are coherent sources and conditions for it?

Coherent sources are sources of light with a constant phase difference. The conditions for this are that there is a constant phase difference and that the light is of the same wavelength.

What is the relation between the path difference and phase difference?

Relation between phase difference and path difference is path difference/wavelength=phase difference/2*pi

Is there a difference between three phase and single phase electrical supplies?

Yes, there a difference between three phase and single phase electrical supply services.

Is it possible to have interference between wave produced by 2 violins?

No, the phase difference between the nodes produced by two violins is not constant and so the interference is not possible.

Why do light waves with the same wavelength and constant phase difference interfere with eacher to produce light and dark interface patterns?

If their phase difference is constant, then they don't produce light and dark patterns. Light spots are produced where the two sources are in phase, and dark spots where they're out of phase.

What is the difference between cw and steady at lock-on phase?

What is the difference between cw and steady at lock-on phase? I don't know.

How do you measure phase difference between 2 pendulums?

You can measure the phase difference between 2 pendulums by measuring the distance between the two. The amount it comes out to will be the difference.

What is difference between a phase and a phase transition?

a phase is a region with homogeneous (uniform) properties and a conversion between states is called a "phase transition"

What is the difference between single phase and three phase?

Single phase has one phase. Three phase has three phases.

Single phase and three phase circuit?

Yes, there is a difference between single phase and three phase circuits.

What is the difference between energy investment phase and energy payoff phase?


What is Electricity use difference between 3 phase and 1 phase?

"USE "? If you mean energy consumption, there is no difference.

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